Getting Started with Real Estate Investment

Getting Started with Real Estate Investment

It can seem a little overwhelming when you’re getting Started with Real Estate Investment. There is obviously much to learn, and more than a few pitfalls, but if you can weather the storm, there are also great opportunities to build considerable personal wealth. There are two main ways to go about investing in real estate: […]

First Time Landlord Tips

It might seem like being a landlord is a pretty cushy position, since you can just kick back and allow the rental fees to roll in, while you make your $100,000 a year profit. However, there’s a lot more to it than that. When everything goes according to plan, there’s no issues. But things never […]

Things to do in Liberty Station San Diego

Things to do in Liberty Station San Diego

                                Liberty Station has a rich history in the San Diego area, and it’s one of the best communities in the greater Metro area for restaurants and the arts. That makes it a great place to visit, and while you’re […]

How to Take Care of Your Rental in San Diego

How to Take Care of Your Rental

                              Being a good tenant doesn’t take much effort on your part, and it really helps both you and your landlord. By taking good take care of your rental property. You can keep it in good shape, and hopefully avoid frequent […]

5 California Laws for 2023 Which Affect Your Rental Property

The california rental property Laws

The state of California has enacted some laws which will have a significant impact on your rental properties for the coming year. Several of these laws have been discussed in the media and have received significant attention, but there are some lesser-known laws being enacted which you should also be aware of. Five of the […]

Why Real Estate is Better Than Stocks

Why real estate is better than stocks

A great many more people are investing now than in years past, and many new investors are researching the best ways to invest, so they get the most return for their money. In many cases, the kind of investing you do will be at least somewhat determined by the type of investment that you’re willing […]

Best Property Management Companies in Central San Diego

Best Property Management Companies

Finding the Property Management Companies is an essential for someone who owns real estate assets, and requires a really good manager for at least one of them. A property manager should always have your best interests at heart, and should be the one person or group which implements policies you want carried out. There are […]

Rent Control

rent control california 2021

For San Diego rental property owners, the last couple years have been somewhat bewildering, first with the implementation of AB 1482 and then the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been difficult to keep up with all the changes that has caused, and the new ordinances have many owners wondering which properties are actually affected. Here at […]

Things to do in Point Loma San Diego

Things to do in Point Loma San Diego

Point Loma in San Diego is one of the area’s oldest communities, and it is visited more often by tourists than almost any other neighborhood in the region. There is good for reason for this, considering that it is host to some of the most enjoyable activities and adventures to be found anywhere in the […]

4 House Flipping Tips You Need to Know

Flipping Tips You Need to Know

House Flipping Tips You Need to Know Flipping houses can be a good investment for your personal finances, especially if you enjoy renovating homes. However, it is not always as easy as it seems. There is more to slipping a house than buying it and fixing it up. Like any business venture, there are house […]