Tips, Tricks and more for Landlords & Tenants in San Diego, CA

Things to Do this September in San Diego

Things to Do this September in San Diego  There are great things to do all year round in this city which has so much to see, and so much to participate in. September is certainly no exception, as there are several special events held at this time of year, and if you happen to be […]

How to be a Good Tenant

How to be a Good Tenant  All tenants like to have a property manager who is attentive and responsive to their needs and requests, whether it be to fix the broken washer-dryer, or to repair the sidewalk out in front of their building. But have you ever thought about it from the perspective of the […]

Easy Home Decorating Ideas

Easy Home Decorating Ideas  If you’ve recently moved into a new home, or you’re just ready for a modest renovation to your interior decor, there are a number of home decorating ideas which you can instantly put into practice, and which won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Below are listed some of the […]

Best Parks in San Diego

Best Parks in San Diego  Southern California is known for its abundance of beautiful oceanfront views and its city parks which grace the urban landscapes. San Diego is particularly blessed in this regard, having some of the finest urban parks anywhere in the country. Below are described some of the most outstanding parks and greenspaces […]

Best Mexican Restaurants in San Diego

Best Mexican Restaurants in San Diego  Less than two hundred years ago all of California was still part of Mexico, and the lingering influence of that nation is still evident in many of the state’s restaurants and eateries, and this is especially true of San Diego. Anywhere you go in the city, you’ll find some […]

10 Top Tourist Attractions in San Diego

10 Top Tourist Attractions in San Diego  There are few cities in the U.S. which can offer the diversity of entertainment and attractions which San Diego can, and that’s why each year more than 35 million visitors flood the city to enjoy all these attractions. On top of its idyllic climate and beautiful waterfront scenery, […]

Best Sandwich Shops in San Diego

Best Sandwich Shops in San Diego  The sandwich may have been invented in England in 1762 (by the Earl of Sandwich), but it has become a national craze in this country, and there are hordes of restaurants which specifically cater to this favorite food type. San Diego is home to a number of outstanding sandwich […]

Why Real Estate is Better Than Stocks

Why Real Estate is Better Than Stocks A great many more people are investing now than in years past, and many new investors are researching the best ways to invest, so they get the most return for their money. In many cases, the kind of investing you do will be at least somewhat determined by […]

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