Tips, Tricks and more for Landlords & Tenants in San Diego, CA

Things to do in City Heights

Things to do in City Heights  City Heights is a large neighborhood in greater San Diego which is characterized by its strong element of ethnic diversity. This is evident in many of the streets of the neighborhood, where you’ll see African, Hispanic, and Asian influences everywhere you glance. There are all kinds of interesting landmarks, […]

What are Tenants Responsible For in a Rental Property?

What are Tenants Responsible For in a Rental Property?  Just as landlords have specific responsibilities in any rental agreement, so too do tenants have certain responsibilities. For the most part, tenants are only required to maintain the premises in respectable condition, and to perform minor maintenance activities. Such things as changing the batteries in smoke […]

Things to do in Normal Heights

Things to do in Normal Heights  Normal Heights is a canyon-lined neighborhood of San Diego which is considerably quieter than some neighboring communities, while still being in close proximity to where all the action is. For instance, from Normal Heights, you’d be within walking distance to Kensington, University Heights, and North Park, if you cared […]

A Step-by-Step Guide on Evicting your Tenant

A Step-by-Step Guide on Evicting your Tenant  No landlord or property owner really wants to go through an eviction process, especially since it’s almost always a long, drawn-out process that engenders all kinds of rancor on both sides. The eviction process can generally be avoided by establishing strong lines of communication, which promotes understanding and […]

Things to do in Tierrasnta San Diego

According to, Tierrasanta is rated #24 in Best Neighborhoods to Live in San Diego. Its population is around 30,000. Tierrasanta means “holy ground” in Spanish, but the neighborhood itself isn’t known for being religious. Originally, Tierrasanta was part of the first Franciscan mission in the area. For a few short years in the 1940s, it […]

Why Online Rental Payments Will Now Dominate

Paying rent used to be somewhat of a chore in the days before most people had a computer and a smartphone. Those with checking accounts had to write out a check each month and either deliver it to the rental office in person or send it in the mail. People without checking accounts had to […]

Things to do in Crown Point San Diego

Crown Point Park is a beautiful grassy area with a huge sandy beach, on the eastern side of Mission Bay in the city of San Diego. There are three major sections of the park, each with its own amenities and accommodations, many of which can be rented out by groups wishing to stage large picnics […]

Smart Home Tech for Single-Family Rentals

Technology has developed in many ways over the last several decades. What once seemed like science fiction can now be a regular part of daily life, including appliances and other home elements responding to voice commands. Implementing smart home technology into a single-family rental property can be an excellent way to increase the value of […]

How A Successful Property Management Company Works

How A Successful Property Management Company Works  It takes a lot to become a successful property management company, and the requirements go far beyond having the capital necessary to set up your company. There is a whole catalog of shareholder expectations which have to be met, including the filling of units, screening tenants, preparing leases, […]

Things to do in Kearny Mesa San Diego

Things to do in Kearny Mesa, San Diego  There is so much to see and do in the area around San Diego, CA, that you really won’t have time to cram it all in – unless you take a six-month vacation. When you’re planning your visit, you’ll want to include some of the attractions in […]

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