Property Management Central San Diego

Property Management Central San Diego

Central San Diego is considered to be that region which is situated right on San Diego Bay, and which includes downtown San Diego as well as a number of outlying urban communities. Some of these nearby communities include Paradise Hills, Barrio Logan, Mission Hills, University Heights, North Park, College Area, and Encanto. The zip code for the area is 92110, and from the top of any of the hills in the region you’ll be able to obtain a bird’s eye view of Pacific Beach and Mission Beach, both of which are beautiful areas frequented by residents. San Diego rental property management encourages people to come check out this beautiful area.

What’s In the Area?

The San Diego Freeway is nearby, so that you will have access to every kind of entertainment, dining, shopping, and other activities which are contained within the greater San Diego area. People who enjoy great dining will love the fact that the neighborhood includes such great eateries as the Poseidon Project, the Offshore Tavern and Grill, and Dan Diego’s Euro Café and Pub.

You’ll be able enjoy a terrific family picnic at De Anza Cove Park, and there are numerous opportunities throughout the area for you to pull together some friends to have a great volleyball match on the beach. This region is home to approximately 500,000 residents, and it’s fair to say that this is a really densely populated area, where residences are situated in relatively close proximity to each other.

Some of the area’s best restaurants include Paella La Espanola, where some fine Latin-style meals are served to appreciative attendees, as well as Cotija’s Max Grill and Seafood, where both Mexican food and delicious seafood are available. The Landis Street Market provides an opportunity for area residents to purchase produce and other needed household goods in an open style market, where shopping is both a pleasure and a necessary task. Medical care is provided by the La Maestra Community Health Center, and the Medical Center Pharmacy #11.

Community Makeup

Central San Diego actually comprises about 16% of the total population of San Diego County, which makes it a significant region, on the basis of population alone. Many residents of the area are bilingual, although about half the residents speak English only, and about 15% speak only Spanish.

Roughly 7% of the entire population in central San Diego has a household income greater than $150,000, so this is a neighborhood which has a majority of individuals who are in the middle class, and who live in modest dwellings. Central San Diego actually includes much of the city of San Diego, and is frequently lumped together with the Coronado district when referencing the central part of the city. It specifically excludes South San Diego, which is adjacent to the area but east of it. In some cases, Central San Diego does include some of the northern communities within the city, although strictly speaking those are not part of the true central region of the city.



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