Property Management Coronado

San Diego property companies have reported  in 2018 that property values on Coronado average $1,333,500 and earn some of the highest rents in San Diego averaging $3,368/month. 51% of the residents residing on Coronado Island are renters.  Coronado is an island covering a land area of 32.67 sq. miles, a large portion is occupied by housing, the remainder is used by the US Military bases.  The 92118 zip code is surrounded by water on all sides, the Pacific Ocean to the West and San Diego Bay to the North, East, and South.  Within the perimeter of the 92118 zip code, the current population roughly 24,852 people and 12,674.52 are renters of apartments, residential multi-family housing, including house and condos/townhomes. There is an even mix of both new and old commercial properties, primarily located on Orange Ave. and 1rst Street.

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