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Golden Hill is a San Diego community which is situated just east of downtown and south of Balboa Park, and is easily accessible by foot for both of those areas. It is close enough to downtown San Diego that you can actually walk there, and it also puts you close enough to City College and Balboa Park that you can reach both of those destinations on foot as well. Any good property management agency in San Diego will be aware of many kinds of residences and apartments available here.

Golden Hill is thought to be one of the most historic areas in the entire San Diego region, as it is home to a number of homes built before 1900, as well as some apartment buildings which date from that same period. In terms of its size, Golden Hill covers about 1.1 mi.² and its population is somewhere in the neighborhood of 46,000.

It’s very close to the San Diego Zoo and a number of other museums which can be visited by tourists as well as residents of the area and offers exhibits that appeal to every taste. Petco Park is also nearby, and that’s the home of Major League Baseball’s San Diego Padres team, which can be seen playing their home games from April through September at this beautiful ballpark.

Other Amenities

When looking for dinner choices, you’ll have lots to choose from in the Golden Hill area, including Pizzeria Luigi, Georgino’s, and the Kebab House. In the period around 1910, Golden Hill became one of several San Diego neighborhoods that were connected by the San Diego Public Transit System, including Class I streetcars, and those streetcars quickly became a neighborhood fixture, until they were eventually retired in 1939. Another line of streetcars operated until the mid-1950s, before they were also retired.

There is easy transportation access throughout the entire area since it is situated close to the San Diego Freeway and State Route 94. The main thoroughfares in the region itself are East Broadway, West Broadway, 25th St., and 30th St. The 92102 zip code is the primary code that is predominant in the area.

A great many locals are enthusiastic pedestrians, simply because everything is so easy to reach within the neighborhood limits. Anytime that you visit Golden Hill, you are likely to encounter some world-class entertainers, as well as some venues which are heavily involved in the entertainment industry. Some of these include Black Box Recording Studios, Habitat Recording Studios, and a number of nightclubs where numerous artists display their talents for the enjoyment of attendees.

Golden Hill is also home to the first Gay Center in San Diego, and this particular center was only the second one established in the entire United States. There are two outdoor concerts that are held every year in the Golden Hill community, those being the Kate Sessions Fest and the Golden Hill Block Party, which always occurs on the last Saturday before Halloween. Both of these concerts are free and are open to all ages, and both feature local musicians and artists, as well as local bands trying to get established.

Golden Hill property management

There are quite a few property management companies in San Diego, but when it comes to Golden Hill property management, you should work with the best. At Sunset Property Management and Realty, we like to think of ourselves as being the firm that delivers the most value for the money. The area has a lot to offer, and it has changed dramatically since its founding in 1887. At that time, Golden Hill was primarily known as an anchorage for naval fleets, due to its proximity to downtown San Diego.

Now it has undergone some significant revitalization, and the place is a haven for tourists and residents alike. There are all kinds of attractions like bars, clubs, restaurants, and entertainment possibilities, and that draws in numerous renters. In order to handle the influx of new tenants, you should work with a Golden Hills property management firm that knows the area and the city of San Diego.

What we can do for you 

As one of the premier San Diego property management companies, we can handle just about everything for you in your Golden Hill property. We are a full-service rental property management firm, and we can do all the marketing, maintenance, and accounting typically associated with rental units. We can also take on all the tasks associated with tenant screening, which can get to be a considerable effort all by itself. Rent collection will be performed on time without exception. When an eviction process becomes necessary, we’ll be supporting the effort every step of the way, even if it proceeds within the judicial system. 

Most companies that handle rental property management in San Diego don’t have the resources to conduct maintenance and repairs. That’s another task that we can manage on your behalf, because we have a licensed general contractor on hand to supervise other hired contractors. Because we handle your maintenance and repairs, there’s a much faster turnaround time when work is needed. Since we’re your property manager, you won’t have to waste time and money trying to find another professional team that’s capable of doing whatever general construction work is needed.

We can serve as your proxy for property management in San Diego, because we’ve had years of experience working in the local environment, and we know the Golden Hill area very well. If you choose to be a mostly hands-off owner, we can certainly run things efficiently on your behalf, and keep your operation running smoothly. We are also very familiar with all the local regulations and requirements. That will allow us to make sure that we stay in compliance with those requirements, so you never have to worry about violations.

Contact Us 

If you need any questions answered about our services, by all means give us a call with your queries. We’ll also be glad to give you a quote on a particular service during that phone call. We always maintain solid communications with our clients, so you’ll never be in the dark about anything that’s happening with your property. That’s one of the ways we strive to forge a successful collaboration with owners, and to deliver top-notch service.



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