Attractive curb appeal, interior presentation, testing mechanical & plumbing systems and knowledge of basic laws (building code) are required for each Mynd Property Management rental. These aspects should be considered regardless of whether you own residential apartments in San Diego or single family homes. Tactics commercial real estate firms in San Diego are given below.

Tactics commercial real estate firms in San Diego use for making your vacant property rent ready


The best aspect for judging the level of curb appeal is to walk along the sidewalk across the street from the subject home. Take several photos and notes to remind yourself of what you observe. As is the case with Realty sales, attractive curb appeal is important for renting your property. Prospective tenants will perceive the condition of the inside of the home based on how the outside appears; what good is it if a tenant drives to the property, but does not go inside?

Landscaping should be manicured and green. Trip hazards in walkways and depressions in the yard can be a recipe for injury, so care should be taken to correct trip hazards that can result in bodily injury. dilapidated fences ought to be repaired to maintain security. Hedges should be cut back and distanced from the side of the home, while trees should be trimmed a reasonable distance from the roof to mitigate infestations of bugs and rodents. Painting the front door has been shown to have a ‘welcoming’ impression on potential renters since it’s the first thing a tenant will see when walking into a property.


Touching up the paint between tenants is not recommended. Rarely does touching up work; If the paint has been stored in the garage or it has been more than 1 year since the initial application, the touch-up paint will not match. Ideally, it is recommended to paint corner to corner and edge to edge. Even if it a different paint scheme that the adjacent walls, a full surface paint can be re-marketed as an ‘accent wall’.  Attracting high-quality tenants who are qualified to rent your property are also qualified elsewhere, so paying attention to these details is necessary. A nice coat of paint makes a huge difference in photo quality and presentation value.


Test the functionality of moving the part on the exterior and interior of the property. Simply open and close all the drawers, windows, blinds, doors, appliances and turn on anything that is electric or gas operated. Make a notation about friction, noise or hesitation of moving parts. Everything must be ready for your tenants to move in meaning everything on the property needs to be in working order.


The biggest expenses landlords have in California relate to plumbing issues, water damage, and mold. Have a plumber go through your property and make recommendations for repairs and preventative maintenance. Clear slow drains, replace rubber stops & gaskets so there is little chance of back-ups, overflows and slow drip leaks that the tenants will report at move in. Taking a camera or video images of waste lines in homes more than 10 years old can prevent future headaches if a crack or roots are found in the lines.


Smoke detectors save lives, it’s that simple. Make sure there are working smoke alarms in each common area, in each hallway, and in each bedroom. Carbon monoxide detectors on each level of the home where gas appliances are located.  CO2 is heavier than air and sinks to the floor, these CO2 monitoring devices she be set no more than 10 inches above the floor level for accurate reading.  It is not always recommended to simply caulk around water sources, if the grout is the proper material such as between ceramic or porcelain tile, then this method should be used along with a grout sealant after packing the grout into seems. Caulking can trap waster in the wall and cause mold and moisture issues. It is advisable to perform an Annual Inspection of your property twice per year and pay close attention to plumbing and preventative measures.  Make sure your screens have not degraded, that the frames as not bent and that there are no holes; Bee stings and West Nile virus can cause serious injury and/or death. HVAC return air filters should be replaced annually or more even more often based on the use of the system. good shape. Providing a new HVAC filter for your tenants prior to move in the best policy, and reminding them to change them on a predetermined schedule. Finally, re-key the locks between tenants and have the property professionally cleaned and Tactics commercial real estate firms in San Diego.

Preventative maintenance analysis is the key to managing repair costs in the short and long run. Because of the composition of San Diego tap water which is high in metals and minerals, the elements in the water react with the metal in the heater and the inner cylinder or heating tank corrodes and fail after 8 to 10 years. GFCI outlets within 6 feet of a water source are required by code. Check supply hoses, angle stops and shut off valves, often-times we will replace all of these plumbing parts to guarantee a low probability of leaks in the future. Wood fireplaces and dryer vents ought to be inspected and cleaned on an as need basis. Look at gutters, downspouts, and roof flashing.  Termite damage can be a sign of a greater problem such as moisture in the wall of compromised load barring structural framing, the wholes left in the wood are a breeding ground for unhealthy fungus’s and molds. Contact us if you would like us to help you prepare your San Diego rental property for the market. If you are in looking for the best property management San Diego has in store, search for a professional property management company that has experienced general contractors on staff.


As a landlord you don’t need to know all the California Landlord/Tenant laws, there are just too many of them and they are ever changing. Tactics commercial real estate firms in San Diego and The best practice is to hire a professional property manager that can help you navigate the laws and that has legal help on retainer to help with more complex situations. To get proper legal advice and make sure that you don’t get yourself into hot water with a tenant, select your manager carefully by ascertaining the extent of Construction and Real Estate knowledge he/she possesses. 

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