It can seem a little overwhelming when you’re getting Started with Real Estate Investment. There is obviously much to learn, and more than a few pitfalls, but if you can weather the storm, there are also great opportunities to build considerable personal wealth. There are two main ways to go about investing in real estate: being a passive investor or an active one. A passive investor purchases a property, then lets it build up value before selling it and realizing a profit.

An active investor will actually manage the property while it’s being rented, or will hire rental property management in San Diego to do that for them. If you’re not at all familiar with renting and landlord laws, you’d be better off using professional rental property management.

Getting Started with Real Estate Investment

Kinds of real estate investments 

There are quite a few different types of real estate investments you could make to start out, including the following:

Do you intend to become a landlord? 

One of the biggest questions you’ll face with real estate investment is whether or not you intend to become a landlord. If rental properties are your thing, this issue will certainly present itself at some point. When it does, you should have your answer ready so you don’t have to agonize over it. By becoming an active landlord or property manager, you are making a big time commitment, because tenants may need you at any hour of the day.

If you decide that you don’t have that kind of time available, you can always hire a property manager to act on your behalf. Of course, this individual will have to be someone you trust implicitly, and whom you have a great rapport with. There are a number of tenants’ rights which you’ll have to observe, and there are a great many responsibilities which are attached to being a property manager. Give this question some serious consideration before you start investing in rental properties.

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