Property Management Birdland

Birdland is a residential community that makes up the zip code 92123. The area is around 8.2 square miles with a population of roughly 30,635 of which 53% are renters.

Birdland is located between california route 163, interstate 805 and mission valley providing easy access to all of san diego. This community received the name Birdland from its streets which are all named after bird species and is best known for its Medical Facilities such as Sharp memorial hospital and Rady’s children hospital. There are many places for outdoor activities in Birdland such as Murray Ridge Park where you will find basketball and tennis courts as well as a large open field for sports like football and soccer. If you’re looking for something more geared toward pets you can take your dog to socialize with other furry friends at civita dog park. You will also find seaworld and mission bay to be only a brief drive away! There is no shortage of delicious places to eat in birdland such as Homestyle Hawaiin, sushi diner and california burritos home to a delicious you guessed it california burrito. 

From it’s beautiful homes to its activities and delicious food Birdland is a wonderful place to call home.

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