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The Clairemont section of the city of San Diego is a residential community which is wholly contained within the 92117 zip code. It takes in approximately 13.3 mi.² of San Diego territory, and is home to roughly 83,000 individuals, the majority of which are renters, but there are also many homeowners to be found here as well. Residential property management in San Diego considers this an excellent area for raising families.

Local Amenities

Some of the best restaurants in the area include the Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant, Havana Grill, Sushi Diner, and a charming little Asian restaurant known as Thai Time. There is a nearby Costco facility where residents can obtain most of their grocery needs, and since it’s right on Morena Boulevard, there is easy access for all community residents.

Whenever you have need of such services as postal services or driving services, you’ll be able to quickly reach facilities within the community, since there is a Department of Motor Vehicles nearby, as well as the Clairemont Post Office. Residents of the area love to spend time in the Marian Bear Memorial Park, where you’ll find upwards of three miles of trails which are easy to hike along, and which traverse the entire length of the canyon in the area.

There are numerous opportunities for biking, jogging, and hiking, so it’s very easy to get in your exercise program and maintain your level of fitness. If you are a real exercise aficionado, there are some more challenging hikes which you can take in some of the finger canyons which wind their way through the nearby mesas. Other areas where recreational activities can be enjoyed are the South Claremont Recreation Center and the Krause Family Skate and Bike Park. Boaters and fishermen will enjoy the easy access to De Anza Cove, where a number of water activities can be enjoyed at a very leisurely pace. There are a number of organizations within the community which actively support conservation of the environment and of the wildlife which lives in the area.

Community Facilities

Clairemont is situated between Interstate 805 on the east, State Route 52 on the northern side, the community of Linda Vista on the south, and Interstate 5 on its western border. Clairemont is frequently subdivided into smaller neighborhoods such as Clairemont Mesa East, Clairemont Mesa West, North Clairemont, Bay Ho, and Bay Park.

The area got its name because it was originally developed by Carlos Tavares and Lou Burgener, and Tavares’ wife was named Claire, so he decided to name the community for her. School children in the area attend Marston Middle School and Clairemont High School, where they receive a well-rounded education.

Three huge streets intersect the region and provide easy easy access to all area restaurants, shopping opportunities, and other community offerings. Virtually everyone who lives here is situated close to one of these three, which are Morena Blvd., Clairemont Drive, and Balboa Avenue. The I-5 San Diego Freeway is also on the western border of the community, and that provides quick and easy transportation to outlying areas.

Our tenants have much to do with the success of our business. We take their needs personally and gather valuable feedback that enables us to accommodate their needs. We are always available to hear your questions, comments, and concerns. We have a Tenant Frequently Asked Questions & Owner Frequently Asked Questions page for answering inquiries such as, “How do I pay rent?”:

  • Most tenant pay rent by ACH through our online tenant portal.
  • We do accept rent by check, cashier’s check and money order.
  • We have an in-office bank certified check scanner to process these payments in-house.

Clairemont Mesa is a residential community found within the 92117 zip code,  It has a population of about 81,600 residents and is roughly 13.3 square miles and is a good place to search for a  property management company in San Diego since several are located here. While looking for  a rental a recommended must-see local attraction is San Clemente Park, located adjacent to Marian Bear Memorial Park where you will find many trails. While hiking, jogging and bike riding you will get a good feel for the neighborhoods. San Clemente Canyon is home to an assortment of wildlife including raccoons, skunks and rabbits. It also serves as a pathway for local species of coyote, fox, and other native mammals.

Clairemont Mesa offers many delicious restaurants such as Tahini, Mongolian Hot Pot, Lolitas Mexican Food and Mister Fish & Chips that brings in fresh catch and potatoes each day to make fish and chips. If you are looking to spend a relaxing day at the park after visiting apartment rental companies hang out at Lindbergh Neighborhood Park. Here you will find a playground for the kids as well as basketball courts and an open field great for soccer and football and plenty of shade trees with clean benches that are perfect for a picnic. No matter your lifestyle Clairemont Mesa is sure to exceed your expectations.

If you are not looking for a rental, but rather you own a property that you would like to rent and have managed, here are a few guarantees that we offer for your rental property.:

AUTHORIZATION FOR REPAIRS  – Property owners will be contacted to authorize repairs over $200 by management before work begins.

FAIR HOUSING COURSE – For your Clairemont Mesa property, each leasing professional annually attends classes for Fair Housing Rules and Regulations of California, taught by Kimball, Tirey & St. John.

4½% LISTING FEE – Sunset Property Management & Realty has a brokerage branch Sunset Realty . For Clairemont property management clients who use Sunset Realty as their Broker, we offer reduced fees for both Real Estate Sales and Purchase that allow you to keep more of you equity.

SATISFIED CLIENTS – If you are not happy with our Clairemont Mesa property management services fees, you may rescind your Property Management Agreement without penalties or delays.

North Clairemont is a residential community found within the 92117 zip code and is home to many many delicious restaurants such as Bombay Coast Indian Cuisine, Dinos Greek Cafe and Taverna and Boomerangs gourmet burger joint home to a delicious surf & turf burger stuffed with pico de gallo and topped with marinated carne asada and grilled shrimp. One must-see local attraction is san Clemente Park, located next to Marian Bear Memorial Park you will find many trails great for hiking, jogging and bike riding. San Clemente Canyon is home to wildlife including raccoons, skunks and rabbits. It also serves as a pathway for coyote, fox, and other native mammals.

If you are looking to spend a relaxing day at the park we recommend Lindbergh Neighborhood Park. Here you will find a playground for the kids as well as basketball courts and an open field great for soccer and football and plenty of trees with nice shaded spots that are perfect for a picnic. No matter your lifestyle North Clairemont is sure to exceed your expectations.

Bay Ho is a residential community found within the 92117 zip code. Since its founding in 1954, this community has consistently grown over the years. This is a varied community, with homes representing a wide range of time periods and styles. In general, homes in Bay Ho homes sit on 68.75-acre lots with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Many homes feature additional parking perfect for RV or boat storage. bay ho features stunning ocean views with its many westward-facing homes. From gentle rolling mesas to its canyons with beautiful streams, you will find numerous diverse scenic views.

This area offers many amenities as well as delicious restaurants such as ISA.BELLA Pizzeria, Blue Door Urban Winery, Sushi Fish Attack, Mister Falafel and many more! You will also conveniently find a post office and DMV location just 2 miles away. One often visited local attraction is the beautiful Stevenson Canyon. This public park is offers excellent outdoor activities such as hikers, bikers, skateboards and joggers just to mention a few. Home to the San Diego Audubon Society, Bay Ho’s property owners and tenants respect and conserve its wildlife and natural habitats.

All of your grocery needs can be met at the local Costco located on Morena Blvd. Since our office is located in Morena Blvd on the dividing line between Bay Park and Bay Ho, often Bay Ho property owners ask us,  “What kind of services we provide?”:

  • Tenant Placement which includes Advertising & Leasing $450
  • Full Service Property Management
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Construction, Maintenance and Repairs


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