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Looking for the best property management Ocean Beach has to offer? Below you can learn more about what makes Ocean Beach such an amazing and unique place to live in Southern California.


Very Popular Beaches and neighborhoods

 is an extremely popular neighborhood in Southern California covering a total of approximately 1.2 miles of territory, and a full-time resident population of around 12,000.


Thinking of moving to Ocean Beach?

If you’re thinking of moving into the area, you can consult with residential property management in San Diego.


Find sunbathers and surfers dotting the beaches along Ocean Beach

You’ll always find sunbathers and surfers dotting the beaches along Ocean Beach, and you’ll also see a number of fishermen trying their luck off the extensive pier in the area.


Newport Avenue popular commercial districts

One of the most popular commercial districts is the area centered around Newport Avenue, where you will you Property Management Ocean Beachfind endless antique shops, surfing boutiques, and a number of gourmet taco shops which are greatly appreciated by everyone in the area.


Find the best local produce at the local Farmers Market

Every Wednesday, a farmers market is held and you’ll find the best in local produce and crafts which are offered by area artists and farmers.


Live music and artwork for sale

Additionally, there is always some live music and artwork available for purchase at the farmers market, so it’s a very well attended event by both residents and tourists.


Must eat at Pizza Port, Hodad’s, or the Ocean Beach Noodle House

Furthermore, when you’re ready for a good meal, you can stop into the Pizza Port, Hodad’s, or the Ocean Beach Noodle House, if you don’t want to settle for the usual gourmet tacos.


Mission Bay, with all its diverse water activities

A short 10-minute drive away, you’ll be able to find Sea World San Diego, which is home to a great number of family amusements, and the well-known Mission Bay, with all its diverse water activities.


Rent your surfboard and cruise around the local area

Almost anywhere in the Ocean Beach area, you’ll be able to rent surfboards or bikes so that you can enjoy a day out in the water, or cruising around the area to take it all in.


Area Specialties

If you’d like to take up surfing, you can make arrangements at the Ocean Beach Surfer’s School, where it will be very easy to rent paddleboards and surfboards, and to acquire any number of lessons from a skilled surfing instructor.


Ocean Beach has a throwback kinda vibe

Ocean Beach is actually a fairly small beach town situated just north of Point Loma, and the whole area has a throwback kind of vibe characteristic of the glory days of SoCal.


The Pier and Newport Ave

At the foot of Newport Avenue, you’ll find The Pier, which is one of the longest piers in the entire region of Southern California, extending a little more than a half-mile out into the ocean.


Get your fishing polls ready

Additionally, it is also one of the few areas where fishing can be done without a state license, allowing even tourists to participate without any hassle. If you’d like to take your pooch for a walk and get some fresh air.


Don’t forget your pet and visit Dog Beach

Dog Beach is the perfect venue, situated between Mission Bay Harbor Channel and the jetty which is located toward the northern end of Ocean Beach.


Voltaire Street and Newport Avenue boast top shopping, dining, and nightlife

Pets can freely visit this area, even without a leash, to dash into the surf and enjoy the rolling waves. Voltaire Street and Newport Avenue boast top shopping, dining, and nightlife with nightclubs, restaurants, boutiques, and welcoming locals.

Property Management in Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach sits directly adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, as it is a coastal town. That makes it extremely desirable both from a residential point of view, as well as from a tourist’s perspective. When you need property management in Ocean Beach, San Diego, you’ll need a company totally familiar with the area and the local way of life. Sunset Property Management is just such a company.

We specialize in Ocean Beach, San Diego property management, whether it’s for single houses and condos, apartment complexes, or other multi-family units. While there are a number of property management companies in San Diego that you might choose, we believe there are several reasons why we should be your top choice.


What we bring to the table 

In addition to providing you with world-class property management, we can also handle most repairs and maintenance services necessary. We have a licensed general contractor available to oversee the hiring of any other contractors needed for specific jobs. This can save a ton of time and money, since we can serve as a one-stop shop for you in that sense. We make sure to respond within 24 hours to all requests for maintenance and repairs, so your relationships with clients can remain intact and favorable. 

If you’re renting out units to vacationing families, fast response time can be particularly important. Vacations are typically of no more than one or two weeks’ duration, so quick response is a must. No one will want to combat the heat for days because the HVAC system is on the fritz. We can also assist your renters in quickly acclimating to the area, enabling them to maximize their enjoyment. When vacationers enjoy their experience, there’s a good chance they’ll want to come back and use your rental units again in the future.


Why you need professional property management in San Diego 

Most San Diego property management companies will be able to provide you with the basic services you need. At Sunset, we go way beyond the basic requirements, and attempt to provide superior service that will stand out from the crowd. Here are some of the specific ways we can go above and beyond for you:

  • Manage all cleaning, painting, regular maintenance, and any necessary repairs
  • Perform inspections for move-in and move-out events
  • Collect on bad debts and assist with evictions when necessary
  • Prepare welcome handbooks to be used by tenants
  • Advertise properties and show them to prospective tenants
  • Make sure your properties are in compliance with all local, state, and federal requirements
  • Enforce the terms of all rental agreements with tenants

Rental property management in San Diego takes in a lot of tasks, and at Sunset we have the experience, the skill, and the willingness to handle all of them. If it is your desire to be a completely hands-off owner, we can literally carry out every necessary management task on your behalf.


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