Property Management Tierrasanta

Property Management Tierrasanta

Tierrasanta is a residential community included in the greater San Diego area which encompasses a full 14.5 mi.² and has a population in the neighborhood of 35,000 full-time residents. It is one of the few communities among all San Diego suburbs which is not directly bordered by any other neighborhoods, and this accounts for it being named ‘the island in the hills’. San Diego rental property management companies can provide you with all the details about moving here.

Visitors to the area will see this designation on some of the welcoming signs at entry points to the neighborhood, and while they may not totally understand it, they will recognize that it is surrounded by hills. The community is home to a spectacular 5,800 acre area known as Mission Trails Regional Park, which was established in 1974, and is currently in the top 10 of large-sized parks owned by municipalities in this country.

It is certainly the largest municipally-owned Park in California, and it consists of a whole collection of rugged canyons and hills, with some areas developed for recreation, while others have been left completely unspoiled and ready to be discovered by visitors. The highest point in the area of San Diego is at Cowles Mountain, which is within the confines of the Tierrasanta community.

Area Attractions

Both locals and visitors to the area love some of the restaurants to be found here, including the Tierrasanta Mexican Restaurant, and the Homestyle Hawaiian Pub and Eatery. There are a number of jogging and biking trails included in the community, as well as a number of baseball and soccer fields which are used by local teams as part of organized recreational activities.

There is also a branch library which is popular in the community, and which students make regular use of. One of the things which the Tierrasanta community is most noted for, is that it was the youthful home of skateboarding champion Tony Hawk, who attended Farb Middle School in his youth. A foundation established by Tony Hawk is currently raising funds for a multi-million dollar skatepark, which is planned for construction within the community.

The reason Tierrasanta is referred to as the island among the hills, is because it is bounded on the north by Mount Soledad Freeway, on the east by the sprawling Mission Trails Regional Park, on the west by rolling hills which overlook Interstate 15, and on the south by other hills which overlook the San Diego River, as well as Mission Valley. Because it is geographically surrounded by these features, it does not directly border any other community within the greater San Diego area.

One of the biggest centers of focus for the community is the Tierrasanta Recreation Center which provides swimming pools, tennis courts, meeting rooms, lighted sport fields, and a gymnasium for use by area residents. Any visitor to the area would quickly note that this community is one comprised of mostly single-family homes, apartments, condominiums, the San Diego Public Library, and three shopping centers which are well attended and highly appreciated by area residents.



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