Property management consultants San Diego suggest that landlords become pro-active about knowing Fair Housing Laws.

Suggestions for Fair Housing Steps To Take in San Diego

Q. What are the pro-Fair Housing steps that commercial property management companies in San Diego and owners should take?

A. All property owners or management companies should:
– Have a fair housing statement showing compliance to Fair Housing laws to be read and signed by employees and agreed to by vendors used.

– Have an operations manual that includes the basics of Fair Housing.

– Display a Fair Housing poster for all units of 4 or more.

– Display a California FFEH poster showing protected classes.

– Use the fair housing logo on printed material to show compliance with those laws.

– Provide pro-fair housing training at least every other year and provide and READ the annual updates in the California Fair Housing Encyclopedia.

– Commercial property management companies in San Diego encourage landlords to be aware of properties covered by California fair housing laws which include the following:
1. Apartments
2. Co-ops
3. Condos
4. Single family/duplexes
5. Mobile home parks
6. Travel trailer parks
7. Women’s shelters
8. Retirement homes
9. Time shares

– Be aware of properties that have partial exemptions which include:
1. “Not for profit” religious organizations who are allowed to restrict rentals to members.
2. Membership organizations who are allowed to rent only to members, such as fraternities and sororities.
3. Senior housing which can restrict rentals to those of a certain age group
-none of the above may discriminate on any other basis.

– Be aware California law prohibits privately owned and operated housing near college campuses to restrict rentals to non-students, unless a legal arrangement exists between the college/university and owner/property management.

– Obtain insurance to protect in cases of unintentional discrimination, but understand insurance will NOT cover in cases where deliberate or intentional discrimination has occurred.

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