New Laws California Landlords Need To Know in 2023

New Laws California Landlords Need To Know in 2021

During the past year, a number of new laws have been enacted in the state of California with respect to how property owners and managers must regard the rights of tenants. Specifically, the new laws impact areas such as HOA’s, property transfers, and eviction rules and rent relief which are directly tied to the COVID-19 […]

5 Tips for First-Time Landlords

5 Tips for First-Time Landlords 

It can be very exciting when you have reached the decision to rent out a property because you’re probably envisioning all those profits that are about to roll in. However, it’s not all gravy, and there are a number of complications that are impacting property rentals, and which require you to stay abreast of all […]

5 California Laws for 2023 Which Affect Your Rental Property

The california rental property Laws

The state of California has enacted some laws which will have a significant impact on your rental properties for the coming year. Several of these laws have been discussed in the media and have received significant attention, but there are some lesser-known laws being enacted which you should also be aware of. Five of the […]

Pros and Cons of Rent Control

Pros and Cons of Rent Control

Rent control has the effect of discouraging developers from constructing new apartments and homes. This could conceivably be viewed as a negative, but it also means that for landlords there’s less competition. The demand for homes will be much greater, and any vacancies will thus be on the market for a shorter period of time. […]

Rent Control

rent control california 2021

For San Diego rental property owners, the last couple years have been somewhat bewildering, first with the implementation of AB 1482 and then the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been difficult to keep up with all the changes that has caused, and the new ordinances have many owners wondering which properties are actually affected. Here at […]

Fair Housing 101 | Lesson 8 | Chilling? Not as cool as you think!

What is “Chilling” in regards to fair housing laws and why must it be avoided? Fair Housing, Chilling refers to comments or acts designed to discourage applicants in a protected class from renting your properties and is, therefore, intentional discrimination.  They are a form of obvious “steering” read about this in lesson 7.   General […]

Fair Housing 101 | Lesson 7 | How not to “steer” applicants.

How not to “steer” applicants.

What are Steer Applicants and why should it be avoided or How not to steer applicants Steering is an attempt by owners/managers to control where someone lives because of their protected class, regardless of how well intended.  Perceived “steering” can result in a fair housing complaint. Common targets are: Families with children. Steering can include […]

Fair Housing 101 | Lesson 6 | Standards for Accessibility.

Q:  Who sets the standards for accessibility, what is a reasonable modification and who is financially responsible? A: The ADA requires all properties where the public is invited, including a rental office, must be accessible unless: It is “technically infeasible” or poses an “undue financial burden” on the property. This includes not only rental offices […]

Fair Housing 101 | Lesson 5 | Handling Requests for Modifications.

Handling Requests for Modifications.

  Q: How must a property owner or management company to handling requests for modifications A: Owners or agents need to: 1. Understand disabled persons have two special rights to insure equal rights in housing. A. Right of Reasonable Modification: a physical change made to a unit that enables the person to have full use […]