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Knowing the Difference between Routine and Emergency Maintenance Requests

Knowing the Difference between Routine and Emergency Maintenance Requests When a tenant calls with a repair issue, it can often feel like an emergency. You don’t want your tenants to be uncomfortable, but not every repair needs immediate attention. As a property manager, you need to be able to prioritize your maintenance and triage problems […]

How To Deal With Upset Tenants

How To Deal With Upset Tenants  It’s pretty much inevitable that as a property manager, you will eventually encounter a situation where a tenant has become upset with you. No one wants upset tenants, but at the same time, you are obliged to carry out your function and protect the best interests of the property […]

What is rent ready?

What is Rent-Ready?  The definition of this real estate term may always be the same, but what it means to various individuals can be extremely different. The actual definition of rent-ready means that a specific property is in a state which makes it ready to be occupied by a tenant. But that definition is subject […]

How to be a Good Tenant

How to be a Good Tenant  All tenants like to have a property manager who is attentive and responsive to their needs and requests, whether it be to fix the broken washer-dryer, or to repair the sidewalk out in front of their building. But have you ever thought about it from the perspective of the […]

Easy Home Decorating Ideas

Easy Home Decorating Ideas  If you’ve recently moved into a new home, or you’re just ready for a modest renovation to your interior decor, there are a number of home decorating ideas which you can instantly put into practice, and which won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Below are listed some of the […]

Four Important Rental Property Inspections

Four Important Rental Property Inspections  It can be a great investment to purchase a rental property, and receive regular income from it. However if you really want to get the most out of it, you should get into the habit right away of carrying out rental property inspections, so you can be sure that your […]

Owner vs Tenant Repair Responsibilities

Owner vs Tenant Repair Responsibilities  If you have recently become a landlord, or if you just aren’t sure what kinds of maintenance you are responsible for, as opposed to those which your tenant needs to cover, the thumbnail sketch below may be of value to you. You certainly don’t want to be surprised someday and […]

What do you do if a Tenant Destroys Your Property?

What do you do if a Tenant Destroys Your Property?  If you’re a landlord renting properties out to tenants, one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself is to include a Tenant Liability clause in the lease agreement. This clause should state that the tenant will be charged for any replacements […]

Tenant Resources for Rental Assistance During COVID-19

With the Coronavirus (COVD-19) spreading rapidly across the country, we understand tenants are concerned about how they will be able to pay rent in the next coming months. Many people have been laid off or put on indefinite leave. Unfortunately, the rent and bills will continue to come, even in challenging times like this. We […]

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