9 Amenities Tenants Want in a Rental Home

Tenants look out for the best rental house which can foster quality of living. From good location to better security and other facilities, many amenities attract potential tenants to the rental property. If you want to be a successful landlord, you’ll have to go beyond and provide extras that cater to the needs of the tenants.

Rental property management is experiencing a competitive market. You’ll need to look beyond the basics to maximize your rental income potential. So, in this article, we will walk you through the top extras and amenities that renters often use to attract long-term tenants.

Top 9 Amenities Tenants Want in a Rental House

1. Location

A good locality of the property matters the most for a tenant. Who doesn’t want to have their home in the best location? Everyone does. Most people want to be within proximity to local shops, amenities, transport links, and workplaces.

If you already have a rental property, you can’t change its location. But if you are thinking about purchasing a new rental property, you should consider the location based on what tenants would appeal to. Often tenants don’t prefer to live too far from local amenities because they want transport conveniences close to where they live. Having a supermarket, schools and pharmacy are the big priorities for families.

The location is the most important deciding factor for tenants, landlords should be sure to include all nearby amenities in the property advert description.

2. Safety and Security

Everybody wants to feel safe in their home. An area with a high crime rate is often avoided by most tenants since they look for a safe location to choose their rental property at. So, landlords need to ensure their rental property has an operating security system.

Landlords can work to install CCTV or extra locks which ensure higher safety in place. By organizing monthly inspections, landlords can ensure their property is in safe and working order. The inspection also provides an opportunity for the tenant to raise queries or concerns.

3. A well-maintained community

Tenants want to live in an apartment where maintenance issues must be addressed immediately. They want to live in a well-maintained community free of trash, debris, or damaged amenities. Renters have to handle maintenance requests promptly when managing a rental property to make their investment successful.

The property owner or manager should be on top of maintenance and repairs across the community and in the unit, especially before giving tours of the rental property.

4. Budget

Tenants want a rental house that fits their budget. They check the costs related to renting, security deposit, electricity costs based on appliances in the flat, and the cost of the flat if it is fully furnished. If all these fit within their budget, they are more likely to pay for the property.

5. Outdoor space

Most tenants want to have their own outdoor space whether it is a garden, patio, or balcony. If it is available on renter property, then the local park would want by the tenants at least. It is highly attractive to tenants, especially those who have young children.

It turns out that with an outdoor space tenants can enjoy the sunshine during the warmer months, and organize outdoor occasions for their family and friends.
Updating a property with a garden can improve can attract more prospective tenants. This also shows tenants that the landlord is willing to make changes when needed.

6. Tenants want open plan space

Open floor plans are becoming a trend in rental properties nowadays. Many properties have an open kitchen and dining area which makes the house feel a lot larger and open space. It has become a top amenity tenants want in a rental house because it allows tenants to get more flexibility by setting up as a dining room, or at-home office space.

7. Parking facilities and transport links

Another amenity tenants look out for is the parking facility and transport links, especially for students and commuters. Considering transport links is essential for renters when purchasing a buy-to-let. If the property location has a nearby bus or tram stop, it will attract the interest of the tenants because it will make easy access to major roads.
Apart from that, having a parking space is also a must for drivers. Giving tenants access to a parking space or garage will be much appreciated. It is a matter of higher security for the car which only a garage or parking space can provide.

8. Built-in appliances

Properties with built-in appliances are a big attraction for tenants. Appliances are used daily, so if you include them in your rental, be sure to get items that can last longer. Make sure every appliance your property offers should be in good working condition. The newer the appliances, the better the energy rating is likely to be, ensuring lower bills to the tenants.

9. Storage Space

Having sufficient storage space is important in any home, especially for those looking to rent long-term. Sufficient storage space doesn’t put stress on tenants since they can store their belongings and remove living in a cluttered space.

Maximizing storage space is an effective way landlords can attract tenants. This could be clearing out a shed, putting a cupboard in unused space, or allowing tenants access to the attic.

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