Landlord Responsibilities: The Property Checklist

Rental Walkthrough Checklist:-

Anyone who is becoming a landlord for the first time might be a bit overwhelmed by all the landlord responsibilities. For that reason, we’ve created a Landlord’s Guide to Renting that will ensure you don’t overlook anything important. The new commercial tenant checklist below will serve to remind you of all the things you’ll have to do to keep things running smoothly. You’ll be prompted about property maintenance responsibilities, safety code regulations, and even renters’ responsibilities.

Safety Inspections-

Keep in mind that it is a top priority to keep all your tenants safe. That means you should perform a periodic rental walkthrough checklist on all things related to tenant safety. Make sure that all smoke alarms are installed and functional in every unit you oversee. All rooms containing a fuel-burning appliance should have carbon monoxide detectors installed as well. When you’re conducting your safety inspection, pay particular attention to infrastructure, communal areas, hot water heating systems, and plumbing, ventilation, and HVAC systems. Also look for the development of mold and mildew, or environmental contaminants like asbestos or lead. If you spot any sign of a vermin infestation, that will have to be dealt with as well.

Property Maintenance-

As you’re taking off items on your landlord responsibilities checklist, make sure to inspect for any kind of maintenance issues. There may be plumbing issues, lighting issues, or even doors and windows that require attention. It’s good to keep your maintenance checklist handy because you can actually count on having to perform some kind of maintenance for virtually every unit under your care. And it’s best not to defer maintenance that needs to be done because those issues only get worse. It’s up to you to provide a clean living space for tenants, but once they do move in, it will be up to them to maintain a reasonable state of cleanliness as well.

Once you’ve settled on a new tenant, you’ll have to prepare a lease agreement. Here are some of the most important items to include in your leasing document:


When the lease has been signed, you’ll have to collect the rent for the first and last month of occupancy. It’s not always necessary to collect the last month’s rent, but you definitely need to collect a security deposit in that case. It happens often enough that tenants will inflict some kind of damage on a unit, and if you don’t collect money beforehand, you’ll end up paying for all that damage yourself. By becoming an active landlord or property manager, you are making a big-time commitment, because tenants may need you at any hour of the day.

Move-in Checklist-

When the tenant is ready to move in, you should get together and review the move-in checklist. This document clearly specifies the exact condition of the rental unit prior to moving in. It is critical as proof of safety and habitability and can be used in the event that a dispute arises over deposit deductions when occupancy has concluded.

Documents You Must Provide-

You are actually required to provide tenants with a move-in checklist, which details each stage of the leasing process. Next, you’ll also have to obtain a certificate that demonstrates you passed health and safety inspections, and give this to your tenant. Whatever your security deposit policy maybe, you’ll be obliged to provide a document to the tenant which details your policy.

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