When you hire a property manager for full service property management in San Diego, thorough knowledge of California Fair Housing Laws should be an aspect of service that you are provided. 

Q:  What Fair Housing Laws pertain to California and who enforces them?

A:  All federal Laws including:

1. Original FHA (Fair Housing Act) which provides civil rights, also called Title 8.

2. FHAA (Fair Housing Amendment Act) which protects handicapped and familial status.

– HUD (Housing and Urban Development) enforces FFHA on the federal level.

– Department of Justice handles fair housing cases involving failure to construct apartments that meet accessibility requirements.

– Private FHA/Human Rights and private legal firms often handle complaints without referring to state and federal agencies.

State Laws including:

1. Unruh Act which covers discrimination in business

– Covers age discrimination, senior housing qualification and sexual harassment by rental management.

2. FEHA (Fair Employment and Housing Act) which combines the early state civil rights Rumford Act and employment laws to be essentially equivalent with federal laws to facilitate enforcement.

– DFEH (Department of Fair Employment and Housing) is the primary enforcer on the state level.

– California Dept. of Justice

– Private FHA/Human Rights and private legal firms as above.

Statute of Limitations

1.  1 to 3 years, depending on law and where filed.

– Documentation and all paperwork should be kept by San Diego property management firms for four years to provide  maximum protection.