7 Ways to Maximize Your Rental Property ROI

Rental Property ROI

Return on investment (ROI) is used to measure the profit made on an investment as opposed to the overall cost of the investment. It shows how money is effectively used to generate profits. Thus, you need to take measures to Maximize Your Rental Property ROI. So, whether you are managing income-generating assets such as condos, […]

Why Online Rental Payments Will Now Dominate

Why Online Rental Payments

Online Rental Payments used to be somewhat of a chore in the days before most people had a computer and a smartphone. Those with checking accounts had to write out a check each month and either deliver it to the rental office in person or send it in the mail. People without checking accounts had […]

Smart Home Tech for Single-Family Rentals

Smart Home Tech for Single-Family Rentals

Technology has developed in many ways over the last several decades. What once seemed like science fiction can now be a regular part of daily life, including appliances and other home elements responding to voice commands. Implementing smart home technology or Smart Home Tech for Single-Family Rentals can be an excellent way to increase the […]

Single-Family Property Management Digital Tactics to Stay on the Cutting Edge

These days, the name of the game is going digital and offering all services online which can possibly be carried out in that manner. Property management is no different than any other area, and staying on the cutting edge of property management will involve executing as many day-to-day functions as possible over the Internet. Especially […]

Doing Business by Zoom

Doing Business by Zoom

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many American businessmen to become much more creative about conducting day-to-day operations, given the restrictions of social distancing and person-to-person contact and doing business by zoom. Since a great deal more work is now being conducted remotely, it has become essential to acquire skills that make use of online tools […]