These days, the name of the game is going digital and offering all services online which can possibly be carried out in that manner. Property management is no different than any other area, and staying on the cutting edge of property management will involve executing as many day-to-day functions as possible over the Internet.

Especially in the ear of the coronavirus, it has become even more important that things be accomplished remotely, with very little human interaction. Activities like paying the rent, filing a maintenance request, and even notifications about moving in or out can be largely accomplished over the Internet, so providing these kinds of services is what will keep you up to date.

Single-Family Property Management Digital Tactics to Stay on the Cutting Edge. 

Artificial intelligence tenant screening 

You can make good use of artificial intelligence as a property manager in a number of different ways. For instance, it can be used by apps that compile tenants’ credit history, references, rental history, and debt-to-income ratios, so you can determine what kind of tenant they might be. All this information can then be used to compare against a larger pool of tenants, to see where your prospective tenant falls in that group. In years past, this would have been a manual process which was tedious and bothersome, but now it can be sped up and made much more efficient.

Increased use of automation 

Continuing the efficiency theme, as a property manager, you can make greater use of automation so that you can spend less time on everyday tasks, while also keeping costs low for the owners you represent. One of the ways you can do this is by using an automated lead tracking system so that you can progress tenants from the stage of the prospect to actual tenant without using a great deal of paperwork. You can make use of application portals so that tenants can apply at their leisure, and find out their specific status without having to call you.

Any number of emails can be automated, including those regarding lead generation or even newsletters. Rental payments can be made online, so that it’s easier for both tenant and property manager, and it’s also a contactless method of paying the rent. Property Management Digital Tactics. It’s very easy to track work orders when you have an online system, and it will be much more efficient than any kind of manual system could possibly be.

Lead generation

The first order of business for lead generation is to ensure that your company website has been optimized, so that it’s very easy for prospective tenants to apply. You should also make sure to use social media as a way of acquiring prospective tenants and listing the properties you have available. It’s a good idea to engage with prospective tenants via the social media, so that you can find out what’s important to them, and at the same time offer information about your properties.

Responsive website

It is absolutely paramount that you have a mobile-friendly website since the majority of online searches are conducted by users with mobile devices. If your website is not displayed in a way that provides a satisfying user experience, they will probably move on to a competitor’s website and abandon yours. No matter how good your property or your services are, it won’t matter, if users can’t learn about them. Test this yourself by visiting your own website using a smartphone, and if you don’t feel the user experience is up to snuff, then probably no one else will either. Visit the web design agency that helped build ours. 

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