Home Improvements That Aren't Worth The Money

There are all kinds of Important Home Improvements that aren’t worth the money, and many of them will actually add value to the home when it comes time to resell and move on. However, there are quite a few home improvements that just aren’t worth the money, when you consider the value you get in return. Below are listed some of the prime candidates which you might want to cross off your list when you’re thinking of value-added home improvements.

1. Luxury Kitchen or Bathroom

You might be tired of looking at your current kitchen or bathroom, but that doesn’t mean that you need to invest in the latest and greatest cabinetry and fixtures. Even if you’re thinking of adding resale value to your home, new buyers aren’t necessarily looking for marble countertops, copper sinks, or smart refrigerators – they’re really more interested in seeing that all the appliances have been well taken care of and that all the faucets work just fine. If you have some appliances or fixtures which need updating, by all means, take care of them. But your money will be better spent elsewhere, than investing in a luxury kitchen or bathroom which might be just eye candy.

2. Unnecessary Furnishings

A great many homeowners invest in furnishings that simply are not needed, and which actually end up cluttering the home. If it becomes necessary to replace an old sofa or chair, that’s a no-brainer and you should definitely go ahead with it. However, it’s just not worth your while to completely refurbish any room with all-new furniture or to put down a bunch of cash on an expensive piece that you don’t need.

3. Pools and Spas

If your home doesn’t already have a pool or spa, it will be a tremendous expense to have one installed. Especially if you’re thinking of an in-ground pool, the final price tag on that might be somewhere between $30,000 and $50,000, which is a hefty cost by any standard. Keep in mind that this is not even the full extent of your investment, because regular maintenance will also be required on it, and you’ll also have to make it safe if you have any young children in the family.

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4. Fancy Landscaping

Curb appeal for your house can be extremely important, but that doesn’t mean you should surround your property with extravagant flowers and shrubbery. When it comes time to sell your home, new buyers will be much more interested in seeing that your landscape has been kept trim and appealing, rather than overloaded with foliage. You might even have to hire a gardener to maintain all that fancy landscaping that you installed, so the overall cost just isn’t worth it.

5. Expensive Paint Jobs

Painting a room in your house or the entire house itself is more frequently undertaken because the owner is simply tired of looking at the original paint scheme, rather than any damage being obvious on the walls. Depending on the kind of paint that you use for any household project, it can be an extremely expensive undertaking. If you’re going to re-paint a room or several rooms, just avoid purchasing the most expensive brands, because you won’t gain much in performance or appearance by purchasing the high-end paint brands.

6. Re-paving the Driveway

If your driveway is a complete mess, with cracks all over the place, and pieces of blacktop or concrete breaking away from the main body, you may be obliged to bite the bullet and re-pave the driveway. In most cases, however, this is simply not the case, and many homeowners re-pave their driveways just because they’re worn down, and don’t have that ideal black surface that other driveways in the neighborhood have. If you don’t have any major issues with your driveway, it’s best to just swallow hard and go with the existing surface for another few years, and spend the money on something which is more urgent.

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