General Construction Services 


Sunset Maintenance provides complete remodels as well as  general maintenance including: Framing, Decking, Drywall, Painting, Plumbing, Electrical, Bath and Kitchen Remodels, Flooring, Rent Ready Renovations and more. Below you will find examples of completed construction & maintenance jobs for single family homes, apartments and condos within the central San Diego area.

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General Construction and Maintenance Services

General construction services and general maintenance is a business that requires a great deal of skill, experience, and integrity on the part of the contractor involved. At Sunset Property Maintenance our reputation speaks for itself. We have had several decades of  experience estimating and building  a variety of construction projects in Central San Diego. Rental property owners in the San Diego area refer to the Sunset group of general contractors when it comes time for maintenance, repairs, remodeling, new construction, or new additions. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Home repairs

During the winter and springs seasons buildings can become damaged by extreme weather situations like high winds, rain and water intrusion. In other cases, homes become damaged over a long period of time do to ware and tear. When this happens to your property, some simple repairs may be all that is needed to restore your asset to its original great look and full functionality. Roofing shingles may get blown off, siding can become separated, your porch or deck may show signs of wood rot or termite damage – all these things can be easily fixed by a contractor who is experienced and knowledgeable about making repairs.

Home remodeling

Remodeling is a win-win situation for virtually all homeowners. First of all, you would get the added value and benefits of a modern kitchen, bathroom, or perhaps even a bedroom. This by itself can make your property much more livable and more functional, you will benefit in another way as well. By upgrading one or more of the rooms, especially if it’s the kitchen or bathroom, you’re increasing the resale or rental value of your home significantly. When it comes time to sell your home or locate a tenant, your return on investment will be achieved.

New construction

We are happy to translate your idea of a dream home into the real-life thing, by designing and constructing a custom layout for you, built to your specifications, we can deliver a modern product. We will work with you from design to final construction to ensure that everything you feel is important gets incorporated into the final product. Our construction specialists have all the skills and experience to transform plans into the real thing, and when it’s done, you will be left with exactly what you hoped for in a new home.

Building additions

Many families go through a period of growth, where new members are being welcomed every few years, and if your family is in this kind of growth stage, you may already have run out of room for all the kids. Some families also welcome a grandparent into the home, and a new room is required for that family member. We can help you design and construct a new addition on to your present dwelling, so you can accommodate the newest addition to your family. With another room, your kids can again have privacy and they will all appreciate having a little more space as well. Contact us at Sunset Property Mgmt and Realty, so we can discuss your new addition needs, and so we can help your family be more comfortable in your residence.