Things To Do In Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach is one of the most popular sections of greater San Diego, and visitors to the area invariably find activities and attractions which appeal to everyone. While it may have a reputation of being a haven for young people, that is not an accurate depiction of the entire neighborhood, since there are a great many families situated in Pacific Beach as well. The list below includes some of the most popular activities and attractions from the area, and it should serve to show the different kinds of appeal that this eclectic neighborhood really has.

Pacific Beach Boardwalk

Along a 3.2 mile long stretch of Pacific Beach, you’ll find the Ocean Walk, which is a premier boardwalk starting at Law Street in North Pacific Beach, and running parallel to the oceanfront as far down as the jetty at South Mission Beach. This provides the ideal setting for walking or bicycling from one end to the other, perhaps enjoying a sunset, or sunrise if you’re an early riser. There is always beautiful scenery to take in, including the tides gently rolling in against the shoreline. There are always a great many locals and visitors taking advantage of Ocean Walk, and some days you might even find local entertainers along the way.

Dining in style

In the Pacific Beach area, you’ll find a number of excellent dining opportunities, including the JRDN Restaurant, which is an oceanfront indoor-outdoor restaurant located along the beach boardwalk. Here you will be able to enjoy excellent California cuisine, influenced by Baja and Japanese flavors and cooking styles. While seated directly before the Pacific Ocean, you’ll be able to enjoy steaks, sushi, and seafood platters, as well as craft cocktails or Japanese beers if you prefer. JRDN is a restaurant that prides itself on being family-friendly and is open for dinner as well as breakfast and lunch.

Have a picnic at Fanuel Street Park

The largest man-made aquatic Park in the United States is located at Fanuel Street Park, which is situated in one of the most popular sections of Mission Bay Park. There is an enormous grassy section here, which is frequently used by members of the community to enjoy cookouts and picnics under the gorgeous California sunshine. There is also a substantial playground area to accommodate your children, and a lifeguard maintains watch over the swimming area. This is the perfect area to bring your youngsters for swimming since the water is very calm and shallow. It also has public restrooms, so that virtually everything you need for a great family picnic is right here.

Shopping at the Pangaea outpost

This is a well-known store in Pacific Beach which is located on Garnet Avenue, only one block away from Crystal Peer. Named after the prehistoric supercontinent, this is a very eclectic store that visitors and locals alike consider to be a virtual paradise for shoppers. The variety of merchandise available includes everything from stuffed zebras to crystals, but there is an enormous collection of treasures that will appeal to people with vastly different tastes. More than 70 different local artisans offer their wares at Pangaea Outpost, and you’ll also find a number of exotic imports from various locales around the world.

Enjoy the Polynesian lifestyle

Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa provides a 1950’s kind of Polynesian experience for all its patrons, and its waterfront location on Sail Bay, enhances the experience for all who visit. The hotel is famous for its movie nights and luaus, as well as its stern-wheeler tours around the Bay, its tropical gardens, Koi ponds, bird shows, and arcades for children. There are two great restaurants included in the hotel, as well as a terrific snack shack right on the beach. There are more activities available at this hotel than on any other resort along Mission Bay, as well as having ready access to the ocean itself. This is one of those ca n’t-miss experiences that you just have to try in Pacific Beach.

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