Responsibilities of a Property Manager

Property managers play a major role in the real estate world. Knowing the roles and responsibilities of a property manager can help you understand whether your property management goals align with their service goals or not. 

Only skilled and successful property managers who perform their roles and responsibilities with dedication hold the potential to boost your property leads and profit hassle-free. 

Therefore, in this blog, we’re going to tell you everything about property managers’ responsibilities, their roles, and the types of property managers. This makes it easy for you to find a good property manager for your property business and decide whether you should invest in them or not.

Who is a Property Manager?

If you’re wondering who’s responsible for the smooth operation of growing commercial and residential properties, you guessed it right. 

It’s the property managers who play various roles and responsibilities behind the curtains so your business can grow without any hindrance and you enjoy a better flow of money. 

These property managers may work independently or for a real estate company and are responsible for supervising, operating, and handling various residential, commercial, and industrial real estate properties on behalf of the owners. They also vet the tenants they rent to and answer tenant complaints on behalf of the owners. 

Now let’s understand what’s property management.

What is Property Management?

Property management refers to the professional management of real estate assets, ensuring their owners get the best property management service with a constant flow of rental income. 

It involves an array of responsibilities that are expertly handled by property managers. These property managers act as the guardians of your property, taking care of every aspect, from financial management, tenant relations, and property maintenance to legal compliance. 

Property managers are your trusted partners in the world of property management, keeping your investments growing.

Let’s take a closer look at the property manager’s dynamic responsibilities.

➤ Understanding Property Manager’s Property Management

So, What are the Responsibilities of a Property Manager?

Property managers master multitasking in the real estate world. The responsibilities of a property manager include:

They act to bridge the gap between landlords and tenants, playing a major role in conflict resolution and maintaining balanced relationships. 

Property managers are creative problem-solvers who tackle unique property-related challenges, like:

What is The Role of A Property Manager in Property Maintenance?

Property managers can be titled as caretakers of property maintenance. Here’s the list of roles a property manager plays while handling your property:

1. Property Managers are Jack-of-All-Trades

Property managers wear many hats and perform various roles and responsibilities. 

From screening potential tenants, and advertising vacant properties to collecting rent and handling maintenance these professionals do it all. They keep your property in top-notch condition, ensuring it’s always ready to attract the right tenants.

2. Tenant Relationship Gurus

The tenant-manager relationship is a key element for successful property management. 

Property managers play the role of a mediator and counselor,  resolving disputes, addressing tenant concerns, and ensuring the overall satisfaction of residents. A happy tenant is a long-term tenant, and property managers know exactly how to maintain the best tenant relationships.

3. Property Managers are Financial Wizards

Property managers are known for their finance growing skills. Property managers are great at financial management, making budgets, and ensuring that your investments remain on a profitable course. 

Here’s what they do for you: 

They do it all with keeping one goal in mind i.e. to maximize your returns. They are your financial strategists who ensure your investment portfolio thrives.

4. Property Managers are Property Maintenance Masters 

A disrepair property can quickly lose its tenants and value. Property managers take on the role of maintenance lead – supervising repairs, keeping the property in the best shape, and ensuring that your tenants enjoy a comfortable and safe living environment. 

They’re the ones who make sure that your investment property remains the first choice in the real estate market.

5. Legal Eagles

When it comes to property management legalities are the ones you deal with anytime and every time. Property managers are well-versed with state and country property law, ensuring that your property investments remain compliant with regulations. 

From drafting lease agreements to handling eviction procedures when necessary, they protect your property and keep you out of legal concerns.

Types of Property Management

Property management encompasses various specialized areas:

As its name suggests, commercial property management considers the management of commercial properties. This includes: 

This category covers unique properties like:

It entails specialized knowledge and special management to meet the property’s specific needs.

This involves managing residential properties such as:

Responsibilities include:

As its name suggests, industrial property management includes properties like: 

The industrial property management key tasks include:

What are The Pros and Cons of Hiring A Property Manager?

Pros of Hiring a Property Manager

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Basis of Difference



Time Savings  Property managers free you from daily management tasks, saving time for landlords.


Tenant Screening They conduct careful tenant screenings, ensuring to offer your property to responsible and reliable renters.


Legal Expertise Property managers have legal state and country’s legal knowledge. they reduce the risk of legal complications.


Property Maintenance They perform property maintenance promptly, preserving the property’s value and appeal.


Rental Income Maximization  Property managers can optimize rental rates, and potentially increase your property income.


Market Knowledge They stay updated with market trends, ensuring your property remains competitive.


Cons of Hiring a Property Manager

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Basis of Difference



Cost of Service  Hiring a property manager comes with management fees, and could affect your income.  


Potential Loss of Control Some landlords may feel they lose control over their property’s decisions. 


Varying Management Quality   The quality of property management can differ from company to company. 


Additional Expenses Property managers may charge extra for specific services or unexpected repairs.


Communication Issues Miscommunication or inadequate updates can occur in some cases.


Tenant Turnover Frequent tenant changes can lead to increased vacancy and costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Work With a Property Manager?

The cost of working with a property manager can vary depending on various factors, including the location of the property, the services provided, and the property manager’s fee structure. 

If you’re from San Diego and want to find out the cost of hiring a San Diego Property Manager you can reach out to Sunsets PM experts. 

Now, here’s a list of some common fees charged by property managers and their approximate ranges:

The above ranges are approximate and can vary significantly based on the complexity of service and location and the negotiation with the property management company. 

Therefore,  we recommend discussing the fee structure with your preferred property managers and get a clear understanding of the services included in their pricing.

In A Nutshell, 

So, from above it is understood that property managers are the key to taking any business on top. They are eggheads of real estate, experts in simplifying the lives of property owners. 

The role and responsibilities of a property manager in tenant screening, maintenance, and legal matters are invaluable. If you’re in search of reliable professional property managers, you can consider the services of Sunsets PM for expert, hassle-free property management. Your investments will thank you.

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