Cost To Hire A San Diego Property Manager

The costs associated with hiring a San Diego property manager vary depending on the kind of property and the services they offer. A management fee of 8% to 12% of the monthly rent is typically charged by property managers. Additional fees, such as leasing fees, may also apply, typically ranging from 50% to 100% of one month’s rent.

Therefore, it’s essential to explore these costs and services offered when considering property management in San Diego. 

To help you understand, how much hiring a San Diego property management company costs, here in this blog, we’re answering all the common questions you could have asked. Let’s first understand:

How much does a property manager charge in California?

Like in many other places, The property management fees in California can vary depending on factors such as the location, the type of property, and the specific services offered by the property management company. 

However, as a general guideline:

MANAGEMENT FEE Property managers in California often charge a management fee that typically ranges from 8% to 12% of the monthly rent.
LEASING FEE For finding and placing a new tenant, leasing fees in California can be in the range of 50% to 100% of one month’s rent.
OTHER FEES Various other fees, such as renewal fees, maintenance markups, and eviction fees, may be applicable, with costs that vary by the property management company.

It’s important to know that specific fees may differ between property management firms and Californian regions.

In California, local rules, regulations, and laws may also have a direct effect on the fees that property managers can demand. So, make sure to check that part too!

And, what percentage do most property managers take?

A property management company typically charges a management fee of 8% to 12% of your property’s monthly rent as a percentage of their compensation for managing and overseeing your property. 

The given percentage may vary based on the location you live in, the services provided, and the type of property handled by the property management company.

So, How Much Does It Cost To Hire A San Diego Property Manager? 

The cost to hire a San Diego property manager varies based on factors such as:

On average, property management fees in San Diego typically range from 8% to 12% of the monthly rent. 

For example, if your monthly rent is $2,500, the management fee can amount to $200 to $300 per month. 

Additionally, property managers may charge leasing fees for tenant placement, often equivalent to 50% to 100% of one month’s rent. It’s essential to consider these costs and review the terms of the property management agreement to understand the full scope of services and fees involved.

Summary of Your Average San Diego Property Management Cost

What are the different fees property managers charge in San Diego?

Like every other location, property management fees in San Diego, can vary depending on the property management company and the service they provide. 

Below is a table summarizing some common property management fees you might encounter in San Diego:


MANAGEMENT FEE A percentage of the monthly rent for overseeing the property. 8% to 12% of monthly rent
RENEWAL FEE Fee for renewing a tenant’s lease. $100 to $300 per renewal
LEASING FEE Charged for finding and placing a new tenant in the property. 50% to 100% of 1 month’s rent
VACANCY FEE Monthly fee when the property is vacant. 50% to 100% of monthly rent
MAINTENANCE MARKUP Additional charge on repair and maintenance costs. 10% to 15% markup on costs
ADVERTISING FEE Cost of marketing the property to attract tenants. $100 to $300 per listing
EVICTION FEE Fee for handling the eviction process. $200 to $500 per eviction
LATE PAYMENT FEE Fee charged to tenants for late rent payments. Typically a percentage of the late rent amount.
LEASE RENEWAL FEE Fee for handling lease renewals. $100 to $300 per renewal
PROPERTY SETUP FEE Fee for onboarding a new property into their management portfolio. $100 to $500 per property
ACCOUNTING FEE Fee for providing financial reports and statements. $5 to $20 per month
INSPECTION FEE Charge for periodic property inspections. $50 to $150 per inspection
PROPERTY VISIT FEE Fee for visiting the property for specific purposes (e.g., insurance or bank requirements). $50 to $150 per visit
EARLY TERMINATION FEE  Fee for canceling the management contract before the agreed term. Typically equivalent to a few months’ management fees
LEGAL FEES Legal consultation and representation fees. Varies based on services.

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How much a property manager charge for initial setup fee? 

In San Diego, property managers generally charge an initial setup fee that would range anywhere between $100 to $500 on average. 

This fee covers administrative expenses linked with bringing a new property into their management portfolio. This includes:

The above amount may vary depending on the property management company. So, we suggest you inquire about this fee when entering into any management agreement.

What is included in the management fee of a property by  San Diego Property Management company?

Here’s the list of services you will find included in the management fee of your property by San Diego property management companies: 

Taking Everything Into Account 

We hope the above part will clear all your possible queries related to San Diego property manager and management company’s cost, rates, and fees. 

Understand, that even though your overall spending will be done on the basis of the property you need to manage, you can still expect to spend around $1500 to $2000 on average every year. 

The best way to understand property management expenses and choose the right property manager is by educating yourself about your local property manager’s services and by freely asking your relatable questions and getting the company’s honest answer.

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