What is included in the monthly management?

For your monthly management fee, Sunset Property Management performs the following duties:

  • Rent Collection
  • Disburse owners draw funds
  • Keep accurate operating data for your property and send monthly statements
  • Act as the single point of contact for the tenants and vendors
  • Deal with delinqunt rent, all the way through eviction and collections if necessary
  • Correspondence with the tenant regarding notices of violation or other problems
  • Available 24 x 7 to handle emergency repairs at the property

What is not included in the property management fee?

  • Maintenance repair trips to the property
  • Maintenance inspections of the property
  • Trips to the property to file police reports or meet insurance adjusters
  • Trips to court to handle litigation with tenants

What if there is an emergency at my property?

Sunset Property Management has an Emergency Hotline Number that is answered 24 hours a day. This number is for fire, flood or life threatening emergencies only. Our emergency hotline number is (619) 739-1883 ext. 6

How often do you check on the tenants and my property?

Sunset Property Management performs a Semi Annual Property Inspections (SAMI) twice a year. We inspect all systems on the property to make sure everything is working properly. This is crucial to maintain safe and habitable rentals. While we are in the property, we can then see how well the tenants are taking care of their leased space. If there are issues of concern, we can take care of them at that time.

Are you insured, and how does that protect me?

We carry General Liability insurance, Workers Compensation insurance and Professional Liability insurance (commonly known as Errors and Omissions insurance (E&O). When choosing which property management company to hire, consider whether they have the capability to cover a property owner in the event of injury or an error in a contract.

Who holds the security deposit?

Sunset Property Management holds the security deposit in our Broker’s Trust bank account. Trust accounts are regulated by the California Department of Real Estate.

Can you pay my monthly property bills for me?

Yes, we can pay property bills except for mortgage and HOA payments/assessments. There must be sufficient cash flow from the property to cover such expenses.

Are there any fees for vacancy?

No, we do not charge a fee if the property is vacant. We only charge a monthly management fee if we collect rent for that month.

Do you offer property maintenance?

We charge a straight hourly rate of $45/hour for Maintenance and Repairs. Our maintenance department performs vacancy turns, semi-annual maintenance inspections, drywall / painting, window replacement, minor plumbing, basic electrical, bath and kitchen remodels, flooring installation of tile, wood and carpet. W also offer lock re-keying, general landscaping maintenance, irrigation repair, pressure washing, cleaning, Haul Away, 24 hour property manager emergency services.

What do I have to do to get my property ready for rent?

A property will rent quicker and for a higher rate if it looks it’s best. We insist on professional photos to make the advertisement as attractive as possible. Getting a property rent ready typically requires touch up painting, carpet cleaning, working appliances and a thorough professional deep cleaning.

When do you mail owner's checks and financial reports?

Owner’s distributions and draws are typically mailed or deposited on the 15th of the month. We send the financial or operating reports for your property after the close of each month and a summary at year end for tax purposes.

When do you serve Notices? Who handles evictions?

Sunset Property Management is very aggressive with rent collection. If rent has not been received from a tenant by the 7th of the month, we will serve a 3 day notice to pay or quit. We do our best to work with tenants to keep units occupied. If we need to evict a tenant we will pay the first $1,000 of fees and costs if it is a tenant that we screened and placed. We work with highly experienced eviction attorneys to quickly regain possession of the property.


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