Best Coffee Shops in San Diego

San Diego wasn’t exactly in on the ground floor when the coffee boom of the ’90’s hit, but it has taken great strides to catch up since then, and it can now boast of some of the finest coffee shops in the country. There is hardly a single neighborhood in the city which lacks its own warm, friendly cafe where locals and visitors can sit down and enjoy their favorite brew, and chat with friends. There are too many exceptional establishments to list them all in a ‘best of’ article like this, but the ones described below are at best coffee shops in San Diego.

Ironsmith Coffee Roasters

This is an extremely popular café situated in Encinitas, and you’ll be able to get what you want very quickly, and in a friendly manner. They take quality very seriously, managing the process right from the beginning with beans sourced from Ethiopia, Colombia, and Guatemala. Coffee is roasted under computer control to assure precision and quality, and all this is greatly appreciated by their numerous fans.

Coava Coffee

Coava coffee is the word used to describe unroasted or green coffee, and this shop was originated in 2008 by an owner who repaired motorcycles to raise the money he needed for his coffee shop. In the years since then, the little garage coffee shop that he started has soared into prominence, and has become one of the premier roasters in the country. Whether you prefer an espresso, a regular coffee, or a cold brew, you will be sure to get the perfect drink here.

Bird Brock Coffee Roasters

This little shop has become famous far outside the city limits, and is frequently pointed out as a must-see establishment in San Diego. Often referred to as a coffee nerd’s paradise, you’ll be able to get a drink made from the rarest of coffee beans, as well as some of the more traditional brews. So if the rare Thiriku Peaberry isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you may want to try the Bird Rock Monkey Bite blend of Ethiopian and Brazilian beans.

Heartwork Coffee Bar

You’ll find this cozy little shop in a quaint Mission Hills neighborhood of San Diego, and it has become very popular for those who appreciate a homey atmosphere while enjoying a good brew. It’s a family-run business which always provides smiles and warmth along with the coffee being served. The beans used for most of their brews are sourced from local suppliers, and they feature a number of home-made baked goods to accompany their outstanding varieties of coffee.

Bay Park Coffee

Many people seek out this little establishment in the Mission Bay area of San Diego just for its Vietnamese-style coffee, which it serves in either hot or iced versions. For other brews, it makes use of direct-trade coffee beans sourced from Zumbar Coffee. Throughout the morning, the café offers an enticing breakfast menu which includes several different kinds of breads, an acai bowl, and a featured specialty, their Lox Toast.

The Forum Coffee House

This establishment is a favorite of students from nearby university campuses, who come here in droves to network and to take relief from their studies. The beans used for its brews are sourced from Café Moto, and it is known for its espresso drinks. You can also get a delightful snack from their menu of home-made puff pastries and toasts with a number of different toppings.

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