Things to do in City Heights

Things to do in City Heights 

City Heights is a large neighborhood in greater San Diego which is characterized by its strong element of ethnic diversity. This is evident in many of the streets of the neighborhood, where you’ll see African, Hispanic, and Asian influences everywhere you glance. There are all kinds of interesting landmarks, hotels, eateries, and shopping opportunities in the area and the ones listed below are some that you should make a point of visiting. Their are many things to do in city heights.

Manzanita Canyon Trail

This is a beautiful 4.2-mile trail that takes you past Flag Mountain, Lobo Peak, and Gold Hill. The trail starts out a bit rocky, but then it changes to a heavily wooded environment and continues like that for the remainder of the trail. You’ll see all kinds of beautiful natural scenery along the way, and you’ll really appreciate the quiet solitude of the forest. Eventually, you’ll have to cross over Yerba Stream and if you’re careful, you can cross the stream by hopping on rocks on your way across.

Community Actors’ Theater 

This theater group consists of neighborhood and area volunteers who keep up the theater and provide various dramatic and comedic presentations. The whole point is to offer an outlet for local playwrights and actors and to provide a venue for them to stage their productions. The workshop is open to everyone, and here you can be trained while practicing your art. For spectators, you’ll have a valuable opportunity to see up-and-coming actors in their natural setting, with some very worthwhile productions.

Marisco’s El Titanic

Open every day of the week, Marisco’s offers California-style dishes as well as traditional Mexican fare to patrons, and a big part of their appeal is an outstanding service as well as frequent discounts. Combination meals are one of their specialties, e.g. steak and shrimp, marlin enchiladas, and shrimp-stuffed brochettes. You’ll also be able to enjoy their private-recipe Mexican scallops, shrimp salad, and a unique appetizer of shrimp and octopus. Bring your appetite!

Colina Park Golf Course

This is a public golf course, open seven days a week, and it provides a challenging test to golfers of all different skill levels. Enjoy several hours of exercise in a beautiful setting, and have a friendly competition against friends and family members. Afterward, you can all stop in the pro shop and enjoy a beverage or two, or have a short-order meal prepared to restore your energy. This is a very affordable golf course that is accessible to everyone, not just the affluent players in the area.

Pancho Villa’s Farmer’s Market 

Everyone loves a good farmer’s market, with its fresh produce and local flavors, such as arts and crafts. This Farmer’s Market has a decidedly Hispanic touch with a great many Latin foods and spices being offered for sale by vendors. Here you’ll find all kinds of groceries, meats, produce, baked goods, deli foods, hot food items, and even a tortilla. The primary theme is about all things Hispanic, and many different aspects of the culture are represented in the various stalls of the market. You’ll also be able to pick up a delicious, savory rotisserie chicken for dinner, so you won’t have to cook tonight.

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