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Point Loma is a very compact neighborhood which really only takes in less than a mile of total acreage, and has a population of less than 6,000 year-round residents. Residential property management services in San Diego can provide you with information about available units. It’s one of the best areas in all of San Diego to watch the waves come crashing in against the cliffs, or to explore tidepools full of marine life. At the edge of the Point Loma community, you’ll find the Cabrillo National Monument, which is a tribute to one of the early explorers of the region, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo.

While appreciating the monument, you can also enjoy some tremendous views of the bay and the Pacific Ocean. You’ll also see the Point Loma Lighthouse here, which as a national historic landmark, and nearby you’ll find a fully operational marina. Here you’ll be able to arrange for sport fishing excursions and explorations of the coastal area. There are also whale watch trips available to be chartered, and which regularly operate at various times of the year.

Liberty Station is a thriving arts district which has a number of historic structures built from previous eras, as well as a number of restaurants, shops, and venues where community events are staged. You may also want to check out Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, which is a popular seaside park that affords panoramic views of cliff rock formations in the area and adjacent to the Pacific Ocean.

Area Restaurants

You’ll have a number of great food choices available to you in this community, for instance, Point Loma Seafoods, Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern, and Mitch’s Seafood, where you’ll be able to get some delicious crab cake or a favorite seafood platter. Point Loma is actually a hilly peninsula that is bordered on the south and west by the Pacific Ocean, on the east by Old Town and San Diego Bay, and to the north by the San Diego River.

In conjunction with the Coronado Peninsula, the Point Loma Peninsula forms San Diego Bay, segregating it completely from the larger Pacific Ocean. The first Europeans actually came ashore at Point Loma, and for this reason, it is often referred to as the place where California began. The local economy is powered by the presence of nearby military facilities, a number of retail outlets, and a thriving marine recreation business that is centered around deep-sea fishing and yachting.

Tourists are enthralled by some of the most popular surfing spots in the area, such as New Break, Garbage Beach, and Luscomb’s. While the cliffs in that region are relatively unstable and have been the site of numerous accidents, they are still extremely popular as a tourist attraction simply because they are so scenic and impressive.

In the Voltaire Business District close to the Ocean Beach section, you’ll find the Point Loma Youth Hostel, where youthful travelers from around the world are always in attendance, making use of the facility as a base of operations. The Midway neighborhood of Point Loma includes the SOMA concert venue, where artists showcase their talents, and the San Diego Sports Arena where a number of athletic events are staged.

Rental property management in San Diego

As one of the premier San Diego property management companies, we at Sunset Property Management have had a strong presence in Point Loma for quite some time now. That has given us the opportunity to know the community very well, and to understand the market for single houses and condos, as well as multi-family dwellings and apartment complexes. Rental property management in San Diego consists in large part of knowing the basic appeal of the region, and in attracting good tenants to a property.

That is something we excel at, and when we secure good tenants, we understand how to keep them in place. That can eliminate a number of problems with constantly trying to fill vacancies. We make a point of carrying out good communications between tenants and of course with you, the owner. That way, there are minimal misunderstandings, and everyone is on the same page. Here are some of the skills and services we bring to the table as your rental property management firm in Point Loma.

Property management companies in San Diego 

We like to think we offer some advantages as a property management company that others just can’t match. Here are some of the ways that we bring real value to you as a management company:

  • Screening of tenants – to make sure you have high-quality tenants, we carry out comprehensive screening of backgrounds and check references to ensure no prior issues
  • Marketing – if you’d like us to be involved with marketing your properties, we’ll get that done so vacancies don’t become an issue
  • Periodic inspections – we periodically inspect the premises to ensure no damages are done to your property, and to make sure maintenance is kept up to date
  • Rent collections – will be carried out in a timely fashion, with no exceptions
  • Accounting – all accounting tasks will be carried out by our professional personnel, ensuring that you have accurate and timely accounting
  • Eviction proceedings – if this should become necessary, we’ll be glad to assist with the proceedings, to remove undesirable tenants
  • Regular maintenance and repairs – we’ll respond promptly to tenants’ requests for maintenance and repairs, and our regular inspections will inform us of the need for other maintenance. We have our own team of maintenance and construction personnel, so we can carry this out without bringing in external contractors. That makes it simpler for you and for us, and it will result in more efficient accomplishment of all work.

Choose a team you can trust 

With more than 20 years of experience in the greater San Diego area, and in Point Loma specifically, we have the necessary experience. We can get things done for you, and give you the opportunity to be a completely hands-off owner, if that is your desire. Contact us today to ask any questions you may have about our services, or to request a quote on a specific situation. We are ready and willing to tackle any property management operation in the Point Loma neighborhood.



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