Where you can Volunteer in San Diego

If you think that the coronavirus pandemic has impacted your life severely, and restricted what you can do, consider the fact that there are a great many people in the San Diego area who have it much worse than you. Some may even be struggling to survive, with food shortages and services being curtailed severely. Volunteer in San Diego really does well .If you have the time and the inclination, there are all kinds of ways you can volunteer to help out the many individuals who may be much less fortunate than yourself.

San Diego Food and North County Food Bank 

This establishment is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they provide food for everyone in need. There are a number of distribution sites sprinkled around the city, and all it takes is a phone call to get some nourishing food for your family. Many nonprofit organizations have banded together to help keep this program running, but as you can guess, it takes a great many volunteers to be able to provide this service to all the needy. Volunteer in San Diego .

CalFresh Outreach Program 

This program was formally known as the Food Stamps program, and it has now evolved into the CalFresh Program, which assists individuals and families in the purchase of healthy foods appropriate to cultural interests. By helping families stretch their food budgets and providing them with access to healthy produce and other foods, the general wellness of underprivileged persons can be improved greatly. Assistance is always needed to help administer this program, because there are so many individuals and families who are eligible for the program, and who need healthier food in their diets.

Community Cares Program

A whole slew of organizations have pooled their resources to help out members of the San Diego community secure a broad range of life-giving services which have become critical during the era of the pandemic. Some of the organizations which have partnered to provide these services include CalFresh, emergency shelter and housing services, foreclosure counseling, assistance for mentally ill, disabled, and elderly persons, and discounted electricity, gas, and telephone services.

Obviously, this covers a very broad spectrum of services, and there are a great many individuals and families in the San Diego area which have need of one or more of these critical services. Given the fact that so many areas need to be covered under the broad umbrella of this program, there is always a huge need for volunteers to be involved with administration of these services.

College Hunger Relief Program

Many people have the mistaken notion that college students are generally well off, and have no difficulty supporting themselves during their collegiate endeavors. However, a recent survey discovered that 48% of area college students reported a daily struggle with food insecurity, meaning they had inadequate access to healthy food. A great many college students actually come from poor backgrounds, and that makes their academic experience an exercise in surviving.

Some of the students are even employed while attending school, and still lack the means to support themselves and provide even basic nutrition every day for themselves. The goal of this Volunteer in San Diego and their program is to enhance or establish food pantries on various campuses, and to make sure that all colleges in San Diego County are capable of providing hunger relief programs to students with low incomes. Volunteering to help with this program would help ensure that young people are able to continue pursuing their dream of obtaining a college degree, without having to struggle every day to get the basic nutrition they need.

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