Brunch in America has rapidly become an ingrained dining institution and something of a cultural culinary convention. There are a great many outstanding brunch locales around the city of San Diego, and whether you’re more interested in the coffee, the food, or the cocktails, you’ll be sure to find a place to your liking. When you start making plans for any brunch outing with your friends, make sure to check with the restaurant so you’ll know about its dine-in capabilities, as well as its takeout options and outdoor patio dining. All this being said, here are five of the best brunch spots in the city of San Diego.

brunch in san diego

The Parakeet Café

There are four locations of the Parakeet Café, and these are situated in Little Italy, Mission Hills, La Jolla, and Hillcrest. You might be best off to order your brunch online either for delivery or for pickup, especially if you have a big order. Here you will be able to get eggs, family-sized waffles, and a number of other traditional breakfast foods, in addition to some very tasty pastries. You can also enjoy a number of different fruit bowls, several varieties of toast, and a selection of juices to get you going for the day.

Toast Gastrobrunch

This is an all-day brunch restaurant located in Carlsbad, and it is a very popular outdoor dining spot in the region. As you might guess, a number of different toasts can be enjoyed here, and you can have them topped with everything from pork belly to smoked salmon. You can also enjoy a number of different breakfast classics like French toast or a variety of different pancakes. The house specialty is a coconut pistachio kanafee, which includes a mozzarella and ricotta filling.

Dija Mara

This restaurant is inspired by Balinese cuisine, and it has an ideal location right next to the ocean. Since the start of the pandemic, it has been providing takeout orders, and it also serves brunch between the hours of 11 AM and 2:30 PM on weekends. Some of the big appeals of this restaurant, apart from its wonderful atmosphere, are the Thai sausage hash, the Kaya French toast, and the grilled roti.

Queenstown Public House

Brunch is served on weekends at this stylish restaurant, and the menu is so mouth-watering, you’ll want to come back again and again. They have a great many options depending on whatever kind of brunch outing you’re in the mood for. You might want to sample their New Zealand cuisine, or you may want to go with some more domestic American fare. The place has a wonderful atmosphere and outstanding service, and if you have any vegetarian or vegan friends, they will appreciate being accommodated on the menu as well. If you have a canine friend, the restaurant is also dog-friendly, so bring your pet along for the outing.

Morning Glory

One of the newer restaurants on the San Diego scene, this eatery offers pink velvet seats and tables which have been inspired by diners. It has quickly become a very trendy restaurant, and it offers a different sort of menu for brunch than most other establishments. Here you can choose between soufflé pancakes, fried rice, or breakfast carbonara. The only drawback is that it has achieved such rapid popularity, that you may have to wait for a while in order to enjoy their fine brunch offerings.

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