Inspecting San Diego Investment Property

If you’re considering a potential investment property, you’ll need to make a thorough property evaluation. You should have a real estate inspector do the Inspecting a Potential San Diego Investment Property for you, to ensure nothing gets overlooked. If it’s a commercial building you’re considering, a commercial building inspection will be important as well. In either case, the job is best left to home inspection pros, because they have been trained in what to look for. Any good real estate home inspection or commercial inspection includes a list of things to look for during an inspection. We have provided a number of the most important areas for you to keep in mind when working with a professional.

Checking Safety Issues

A good Inspecting a Potential San Diego Investment Property will include all potential habitability issues as well as safety issues. This takes in checking for windows and doors that lock properly, so tenants can feel safe in their dwelling. Check on any security systems that might be installed at the unit, and assess the condition of handrails on stairs or patios outside the building. Make sure you have sufficient exterior lighting, and that all external areas are free of tripping hazards and debris.

Cleaning Requirements

It’s essential that you do a move-in inspection in order to make sure everything is practically spotless in the property before occupancy. There shouldn’t be any dust, dirt, or grime on baseboards or ceiling fans, bathrooms and kitchens should be sparkling clean, and the home should have a beautiful overall look to it. Be sure to take lots of photos of the unit’s current condition, so they can be compared to the situation when a tenant moves out. This will have an impact on whether or not you need to use the security deposit to repair any damages or health hazards.

Check for Water Leakage

Water will damage any property more quickly than all other potential problems. No matter how small a water leak appears, you should take care of it properly before it develops into something major. Even a simple dripping faucet can morph into a major problem that causes mold, mildew, or rot under the sink. Check for areas where water may be penetrating the siding and getting inside the house, and look for water spots on the ceiling.

Check for Replacement Needs

The potential San Diego investment property inspection you carry out prior to tenant move-in is intended to ensure that the unit is completely ready for occupancy. Everything in the unit ought to be functioning in the way it was intended. Make sure to check the electrical outlets, turn on all the lights, and check on the appliances to be sure they’re functional. Doors and windows should be lockable, and all air filters should have been checked. Make sure all light bulbs are operational, and that all the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are also working properly. Anything that’s not working properly should be replaced prior to tenant move-in.

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