If you’ve heard a lot of the chatter about buying residences in San Diego, or in California in general, you might have the impression that it’s way too expensive to be affordable. However, that is not necessarily true, even though you really do have to hunt for a while in order to find really good deals on housing in the area. While it’s true that the average sale price for homes in San Diego and California are higher than the national average, there are still plenty of good deals to be had. And when you need property managers in San Diego, CA, look no further than Sunset Property Management. Here are the Most Affordable Places To Buy In San Diego

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Rancho San Diego

Approximately one-third of all workers in Rancho San Diego are professional people, many of whom have management positions. This is a quiet community with a number of housing options such as single-family homes with large lot sizes. The cost of living in this area is relatively low, and that makes it one of the most appealing San Diego neighborhoods for people to invest in and take up residence. The average listing price for homes in this area is approximately $500,000. This is in the top of our list of  Most Affordable Places To Buy In San Diego


This community has a small-town feel, but it also has an affordable cost of living and lifestyle. List prices for homes in this community average 11% less than the rest of the state, which puts the average at around $680,000.

Chula Vista

This community is separated into two different sections, on both sides of Interstate 805. The average sale price of Chula Vista new homes is approximately $700,000, and these homes are well maintained. The community also has access to the beach and the bay, and it’s possible to be in downtown San Diego after a 15-minute drive. This is also in the top of our list of  Most Affordable Places To Buy In San Diego

Imperial Beach

This is part of the South Bay region, situated approximately 14 miles from downtown San Diego. It has convenient shopping as well as a working class attitude, and you will be able to find housing at a median list price of $600,000.

National City

A community situated in the South Bay section of San Diego, National City is home to the Naval Base San Diego, and it was an original stop along the Santa Fe Railway System. It is possible to find housing here for between $450,000 and $500,000, so this is a real bargain for the area. This is also in the top of our list of  Most Affordable Places To Buy In San Diego.

Palm City

There are actually several very affordable neighborhoods in this area, including Nestor, Egger Highlands, Otay Mesa West, and Chula Vista. The Palm City community was founded in 1914, and it was named for the proliferation of palm trees which surround Palm Avenue. The average listing price for a home in this community goes for $650,000.


Nestor is a community bordered by Otay Mesa, Palm city, Egger Highlands, and San Ysidro. The area is known for being home to the South Bay Salt Works, as well as the South Bay Drive-in Theater. Average housing in the area is listed at around $650,000.

Gaslamp Quarter

Much more akin to downtown San Diego than any kind of suburban setting, the Gaslamp Quarter attracts numerous young professionals, but still retains a very walkable setting. The average home lists for $575,000 in this community, making it one of the more affordable neighborhoods in San Diego.

Lemon Grove

This charming community was actually named one of the most affordable neighborhoods in all of San Diego, and it’s a suburb situated about 12 miles away from downtown San Diego. The average home value in Lemon Grove is $650,000, and the overwhelming majority of homes in the community are single-family residences.

Otay Mesa West

This community is sandwiched in between Palm City and Ocean View Hills, with Chula Vista being situated just north. Features in the area include the Las Americas Premium Outlets and the Otay Valley Regional Park. You can obtain a residence here at an average sale price of $465,000, which makes it a bargain, even among affordable San Diego communities.

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