Moving Into a New Home

When you’re moving into a new home, there are some new home tips you should bear in mind. By establishing your moving into a new house checklist, you can be sure that you’re not overlooking something important, and that your residence can get off on the right foot. Here are some of the most important of the tips given by sunset property management you should keep in mind.

Update Your Address and Contact Info

Make sure to change your address, so family and friends can reach you, and notify all creditors about the change of address. The Post Office allows you to do this online, so it can be quick and easy. If you have any newspaper or magazine subscriptions, you’ll want to notify them as well. This should avoid having mail delivered to the wrong address, and it will help people stay in touch with you, without missing a beat.

Update Your Insurance

When moving into a new home, you sometimes purchase new appliances or other items because these are things you need, to move into a new apartment. If you do make such purchases, you may need to document them in your insurance, so they’re covered in case of theft or accident. If you fail to do this, you may not have any coverage at all in the event of a disaster.

Do Your Own Move-In Inspection

The best way to moving into a new home is to conduct your own move-in inspection. If there are any issues like non-operational appliances, holes in the wall, or any kind of damage at all, you’ll want to document that these were there prior to your tenancy. This is also a great way to quickly discover any issues requiring maintenance, so they can be handled before you move in. As tips for moving into a new apartment go, this is one of the more important ones.

Set Up Your Cable and Internet Service

You’ll want immediate online service as well as TV viewing, so this should be done ASAP. Of course, the cable company may not be able to schedule you right away, so you at least need to get on their list quickly. You’ll also want to have the water turned on, the electric and gas-enabled, and if you have a landline, you may need to contact the telephone company as well.

Find the Safety Features

It’s good to take a few minutes to find the shut-off valves for water and the fuse box because you won’t want to go searching for them when an emergency pops up. You should also check on the status of any filters for HVAC equipment, to make sure they’re not clogged with debris and are capable of circulating fresh, clean air.

Know Your Neighbors

You don’t have to make this into a campaign or anything, but when the opportunity presents itself, introduce yourself to your new neighbors. You may need to rely on them for something, and it will be good to know whom you can place your trust in. This will also be a good way to help get acclimated to your new environment, and your new neighbors.

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