Top 8 Things To Do in Mission Beach, San Diego

Planning your 2023 first trip to San Diego – How about visiting Mission Beach, San Diego? One of the famous and fun epicenters in San Diego. 

There are a number of fun things to do in Mission Bay that not just you but your entire circle would enjoy. From the number of fun and thrilling water activities, and boardwalk with scenic views to unforgettable nightlife and scrumptious food. 

This place has plenty of things to offer you that you will enjoy even when you travel this place solo. So, check out our list of the top 8 things you can do in Mission Beach, San Diego this 2023. 

Top Things To Do In Mission Beach This Summer

This ongoing two-mile white sand beach starts from the south part of pacific beach ending where the ocean meets i.e. Mission Bay. So, if you have made up your mind to visit this amazing place then, just check out our list of top things you can do at Mission Bay, San Diego – 

1. Enjoy Rides and Food at Belmont Park

Belmont park

Do you want to plan a fun trip where your kids can play and enjoy great freshly made food? Then you must visit Belmont park. Located on the beach, this amusement park features a number of fun rides such as – a vintage wooden roller coaster, waves riding crazy submarine, a classic disco bumper car room and so much more. 

Fun games such as – climbing wall, laser tag, mini golf, laser maze, zip-line, and much more. The best part is there are no admission fees collected you only need to pay for the ride you’ll take inside.

2. Visit Hidden Bathing Nature Treasure

If you are a nature admirer then there are a number of things to do around mission beach. One of the places is Cardwell Spa Pool another lush green heaven on earth. 

A quiet scenic place covered with flourishing greenery, mountain rocks, and bright, clear, and light blue sparkly water is what makes Cardwell Spa Pool nature’s true treasure. 

Cardwell Spa pool is a social media stardom that is located just 71kms far from mission beach. If you are planning to visit San Diego in the month of May to September, you can see this place at its beauty peak. Besides, you can do mountain biking, relish food, and so on. 

3. Enjoy Bike Riding Fun at Mission Beach Boardwalk

Does your bae love log drive? Yes? then how about bike riding fun at Mission Beach Boardwalk

Riding a bike at mission beach is one of the best feelings you can ever get. Why? It’s because the mission beach boardwalk is parallel to the entire beach by the bay side and the ocean of the peninsula. 

This is a perfect place where you and your partner will get the option to do many things. From bike riding, and rollerblading to skateboarding or a peaceful evening walk you can do it all. 

Besides walking, the boardwalk is the best way to know about the nearby places and the city. You can even enjoy delectable food and the beautiful sunset view.

4. Meet and Learn About Sea World

Sea World

If you will ask locals about what makes mission beach most attractive, then the answer you’ll receive will be the sea beach and the Sea World

SeaWorld is San Diego’s biggest attraction for most visitors who look for a place and things they can adore or never forget. Mission Beach attraction, Sea World can pop your eyes out when you will watch its amazing water animal show, watch them closely along with enjoying delectable restaurant food. 

Most importantly, don’t miss out on the amazing and colorful fireworks that are played after the sunset.


5. Play Over Line and Dodge Sand Volleyball

Are you a volleyball fan or love to play beach games? How about trying sand volleyball at mission beach with your friends? Head to South Mission Beach

This amazing place has a lot of sport-oriented activities for sports lovers. From sand volleyball courts, and basketball courts to South mission beach’s famous Over The Line (OTL) playing area. 

Since the OTL tournament has been hosted every year on Fiesta Island. There’s always a chance that you might meet OTL tournament participants practicing on south beach. The best part is you can join them and play along. 

6. Surf and Learn Waterborne Fun Activities

When it comes to mission beach activities you can count a number of water fun activities that you can enjoy daily. Since mission beach is way closer to San Diego, you can reach out to nearby ocean areas to enjoy your day and afternoon. 

There are a number of water activities you can do, from– renting out Mission Bay Boat Rentals, spending every minute in luxury at Mission Bay Cruise, exploring Mission Bay by Jet Ski, or sailing out in mission bay sea. 

If you are down to water sports then don’t forget to list down Quivira Basin. The best picturesque area for water sports. Here you can sit for hours in peace, enjoy the scenic view and relax with nature’s beauty. 

You can also enjoy parasailing by the sea, including rental boats and a full-service marina.

7. Dive at Mission Beach Wreck Alley NOSC Tower Wreck

Tower Wreck

About a mile off the coast of Mission Beach, almost directly out from the jetty, is a popular dive spot known as Wreck Alley. This dive spot is a perfect go-to spot for many divers who like to excel in their diving skills. 

San Diego’s underwater is as beautiful as its surface. Wreck Alley NOSC Tower Wreck is that part of underwater that is rest discovered by its visitors. This is an artificial reef located about a mile off the coast of Mission beach, this place is the most popular dive spot dived by many scuba lovers around the world. 

This shipwreck site is home to varied structures along with eight ships to explore. There are two most famous wrecks that are explored by many tourists every year. These are – Ruby E and HCMS Yukon, one that is 165 feet cost guard clutter, and the second one the Canadian destroyer. 

If you got some diving skills then this is just the right spot for you to flaunt out your diving skills. Besides, for those who are a bit skilled then this spot has plenty of exit spots and exit holes they can choose to make a quick exit. 

8. Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Whole Day At The Beach

Last but not least suggestion, don’t forget Mission Beach itself. It’s full of everything you are looking for. Beautiful beach, amazing sunset view, sand, and ocean what else is needed for a great summer vacation? 

This place has an abundance of greenery, natural scenic beauty, lawns cookout barbecue spot, picnic spot, and a lot more. You can cook, swim, and can do a number of water sports and beach activities. 

Finally end your day by spending quality time setting at the beach shore watching the beautiful sunset, people, and cultural vibes. And at night, making a fire pit and enjoying a bonfire by the mission beach, you can even enjoy freshly grilled delicious fish, seafood, and local dish with your family and friends. 

This beach is well-maintained and is fully hygienic in terms of bathrooms, washrooms, and beach showers. 

So, Get Ready & Try These Things To Do in Mission Beach, San Diego

If your want to make your vacation unforgettable then do list Mission Beach on your bucket list. This is one of the famous spots that welcome visitors from all seasons. Whether it is summer or winter, tourists here rent out properties for the long term so they can enjoy every movement and things they do in Mission Beach, San Diego. 

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So, Get ready and start planning your next trip to Mission Beach, San Diego today!

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