Although some may say Golden Hill is back and better than ever, there are others who might tell you that it never went anywhere. One of San Diego’s most famous – and briefly infamous – neighborhoods has been attracting a lot of positive attention these days. People like its downright funky vibe and strong sense of community. Great efforts have also taken place to remove some of the rougher elements more commonplace in the 1990s and make it into the safe and welcome place it once was – and, really still is. Their are many things to Do in Golden Hill.

Things to Do in Golden Hill

There’s a lot to enjoy: the area south of Balboa Park and north of Sherman Heights has been a favorite place to live since the late 1880s. The transformation over the last few years, referred to as the 25th Street Revival, has helped bring in a wide variety of cultures, interests and incomes, everyone from students to musicians to artists to recent legal immigrants

Efforts are being taken to slow down gentrification, since a lot of people say they like the neighborhood just fine the way it is now.

If your travels take you to Golden Hill for fun or for possible relocation, check out some of these enjoyable activities.

Overall, the Golden Hill location has something for everyone.

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