We all love  walking around Crown Point Park as it is a beautiful grassy area the Eastern side of Mission Bay. There are three major sections of the park, each with its own amenities and accommodations, many of which can be rented out by groups wishing to stage large picnics or volleyball tournaments. Crown Point San Diego consist of plenty of space for kids to play, as well as a boat launch where boat lovers can put their craft out to see and enjoy a day on the water. 

Things to do in Crown Point San Diego

Any groups holding permits for park usage will be able to use the park from 4 am to 2 am, but you should be aware that the parking lots close at around 10 pm, and all cars must be removed prior to this time. It’s allowable to bring your own food to the park, but alcohol is not allowed anywhere on the premises. Spending a day at Crown Point is a great way to enjoy some fun in the sun, and to take advantage of the beautiful weather which prevails in the San Diego area.

Crown Point South

The southern section of Crown Point has a huge sandy beach, but less grassy area than the other two sections of the park. You can obtain a permit for using this section by groups which are 350 people or less. The park is equipped with a comfort station and a rinse-off shower for swimmers. Here you can also enjoy the use of barbecue grills, picnic tables, and fire rings which will all help to ensure the success of your group outing.

Crown Point Middle

As many as 400 people can be accommodated by a permit for using this area of the park. It has a huge grassy area which is situated right on the bay, and which includes barbecue grills, fire rings, and picnic tables. There is also a boat launch in this section, as well as basketball courts which can be used by your group. If you have the proper permit, as many as two inflatables or party jumps can be brought into the area.

Crown Point North

This is a smaller section of the park, and can accommodate groups sized up to 200, with a single inflatable allowed. This part of the park is equipped with one picnic shelter, as well as fire rings, picnic tables, and barbecue grills. There is also a designated swimming area which will be staffed in the summertime by a lifeguard, and you will also find a rinse-off shower which swimmers can use before and after their time in the water.

Other amenities at Crown Point

Situated adjacent to the north section of the park is a popular bird-watching area which takes in part of the Kendall Frost Mission Bay Reserve, as well as a portion of the Northern Wildlife Preserve. This area is extremely popular for water-skiing, so you’ll probably notice a number of boats criss-crossing the Crown Point Beach area during the warm months of summer.

Across from the park itself is Fiesta Island, and from any point on the island you’ll be able to see the tall buildings of downtown San Diego. There are three large parking areas provided at Crown Point, so congestion is rarely a problem, and virtually all visitors to the area can be accommodated on any given day.

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