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Coronado Island is situated right in the heart of San Diego Bay, and it has had a tremendous appeal to both natives and visitors for more than a century. There’s a tremendous history associated with the island, and when coupled with all the enticing things to do in the area , it can make for a wonderful place to visit, or to take up residence with your family offered through Mynd Property Management. Many people have discovered the appeal of Coronado and have scheduled it into their vacation plans, either for a day, or for a week or two. Here are some of the attractions which you can spend some time exploring during your own visit to Coronado Island.

Visit Coronado Beach

The shoreline around Coronado Island has won numerous awards for being the best beach in the country, and this is an opportunity that you just can’t bypass during your visit. There is well over a mile of golden sand on this picturesque beach which provides a charming sparkle, due to the tiny pieces of mica which are embedded all throughout the sand. Point Loma is nearby, and serves as a protective body so that the beach experiences very mild waves, which are ideal for exploration and enjoyment by the whole family.

Hotel Del Coronado

One of the most famous buildings in all of California is the Hotel Del Coronado. This building has more than 130 years of history, and has been visited by more dignitaries, celebrities, and royalty than you could ever imagine. That’s one of the reasons it has been designated a National Historic Landmark, and why it’s on virtually everyone’s list of can’t miss attractions when visiting coronado san diego. There are 90-minute walking tours staged around the island by the Coronado Historical Association, to provide visitors with an informative and enchanting look at the island.

Explore the tide pools

When the tides go out, you’ll be able to see the many tide pools which are revealed directly before the Hotel Del Coronado. There are all kinds of marine creatures which can be observed in these tide pools, and if you have some children in your family, they will have tons of fun exploring all these areas. It’s very common to encounter hermit crabs, sand dollars, sea anemones, and many more types of creatures, all of which are present in the tide pools, just waiting to be observed and enjoyed.

Explore a sunken ship

About 1/4 mile south of the Hotel Coronado, there is a famous ship which was sunk in 1937, and which can be explored today by any visitor wishing to take a tour out to the ship. It’s name is the SS Monte Carlo, and it was originally used for gambling and prostitution while it was anchored off the coast of the island. During a major storm in 1937, the anchor was uprooted and the boat drifted into shore. Since all its activities were illegal, no one could claim the boat, and it was allowed to just sink naturally. Today it provides a source of entertainment and exploration for visitors to the island.

Walk around the island

There are many architectural structures on coronado san diego Island which are well worth viewing and exploring. You can take a walking tour of Coronado Island where you’ll see many different styles of homes, including Spanish style villas as well as Mediterranean dwellings. The rich culture is very evident as you take your tour, and you’ll learn about many of the well-known residents of the island, as well as its most famous buildings.

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