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Things to do in Coronado San Diego 

Things to do in Coronado, San Diego  Coronado Island is situated right in the heart of San Diego Bay, and it has had a tremendous appeal to both natives and visitors for more than a century. There’s a tremendous history associated with the island, and when coupled with all the enticing things to do in […]

Things to do in Mission Hills, San Diego

Things to do in Mission Hills, San Diego  Mission Hills is one of the neighborhoods in greater San Diego which is primarily residential in nature, and which is situated east of Old Town, south of Mission Valley, and west of the community of Hillcrest. From almost anywhere in Mission Hills, it’s possible to obtain some […]

Things to do in La Jolla

Things to do in La Jolla  For those unfamiliar with the La Jolla area, it is actually the southern portion of the city of San Diego and is not a separate city. However, it is definitely a well-known section of the city, and it has a life of its own when it comes to all […]

Things to do in Downtown San Diego

Things to do in Downtown San Diego  There are many more attractions in San Diego than just the sunshine and beaches, although a lot of people consider San Diego weather to be the finest in the country. There is a heavy Spanish influence in the San Diego area, and that is reflected in many of […]

Things to do in Balboa Park

Things to do in Balboa Park  If you could only visit one specific place on the West Coast, you might want to choose Balboa Park, because here you can find the greatest assembly of nature and culture anywhere in the region. For the nature lover, there are gardens and forests and lush grounds everywhere. For […]

Things to do in Hillcrest

Things to do in Hillcrest  Hillcrest is situated just a few miles north of the downtown area of San Diego, and it is very easy to get to for anyone visiting the area. It is a lively uptown neighborhood which serves as the central hub of San Diego’s LGBTQ community, and it has a whole […]


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