Fair Housing 101 | Lesson 8 | Chilling? Not as cool as you think!

[vc_row css=”.vc_custom_1580745803158{padding-top: 25px !important;}”][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1580746366008{margin-top: 20px !important;padding-top: 20px !important;}”] What is “Chilling” in regards to fair housing laws and why must it be avoided? Chilling refers to comments or acts designed to discourage applicants in a protected class from renting your properties and is, therefore, intentional discrimination.  They are a form of obvious “steering” read […]

Fair Housing 101 | Lesson 7 | How not to “steer” applicants.

What is “Steering” and why should it be avoided? Steering is an attempt by owners/managers to control where someone lives because of their protected class, regardless of how well intended.  Perceived “steering” can result in a fair housing complaint. Common targets are: Families with children. Steering can include directing applicants to downstairs or end units […]

Fair Housing 101 | Lesson 6 | Standards for Accessibility.

Q:  Who sets the standards for accessibility, what is a reasonable modification and who is financially responsible? A: The ADA requires all properties where the public is invited, including a rental office, must be accessible unless: It is “technically infeasible” or poses an “undue financial burden” on the property. This includes not only rental offices […]

Fair Housing 101 | Lesson 5 | Handling Requests for Modifications.

Q: How must a property owner or management company handle applicant’s requests for modifications? A: Owners or agents need to: 1. Understand disabled persons have two special rights to insure equal rights in housing. A. Right of Reasonable Modification: a physical change made to a unit that enables the person to have full use and […]

Fair Housing 101 | Lesson 4 | Disabled Rights & Request Handling.

Q: What are the definitions of disability and when identified, how must the agent or landlord handle issues of confidentiality and applicant’s requests for modification? A: Disabled persons have two special rights under the law to insure equal rights in housing and they are: 1. Right of Reasonable Modification – a physical change made to […]

Fair Housing 101 | Lesson 3 | Definitions of Disability.

As a landlord, if you hire a professional property management company in San Diego, it is solid layer of protection if they keep up with California Fair Housing Laws. Q: What are the definitions of disability and when identified, what are the rules of confidentiality for a landlord or rental agent? A: Definitions are more […]

Fair Housing 101 | Lesson 2 | Suggestions for Fair Housing Steps To Take in San Diego

  Property management consultants San Diego suggest that landlords become pro-active about knowing Fair Housing Laws. Q. What are the pro-Fair Housing steps that commercial property management companies in San Diego and owners should take? A. All property owners or management companies should: – Have a fair housing statement showing compliance to Fair Housing laws […]


When you hire a property manager for full service property management in San Diego, thorough knowledge of California Fair Housing Laws should be an aspect of service that you are provided.  Q:  What Fair Housing Laws pertain to California and who enforces them? A:  All federal Laws including: 1. Original FHA (Fair Housing Act) which […]