Local Guide to Hillcrest San Diego

Local Guide to Hillcrest San Diego

As any of the San Diego property management companies could tell you, the Hillcrest neighborhood is a very dynamic one. This is the gay district of San Diego, and there’s literally always something happening here. Of course, there’s a strong LGBT community here, and they are very welcoming toward others. Along University Avenue, you’ll be […]

Should I Purchase a Rental Property in Hillcrest, CA?

Should I Purchase a Rental Property in Hillcrest

Before considering purchase a rental property in hillcrest, CA, you should determine whether such a transaction aligns with your personal goals and objectives in real estate. Are you more interested in establishing steady cash flow with a property, or are you more interested in having the property appreciate in value, so it can eventually be […]

Things to do in Hillcrest

Things to do in Hillcrest  Hillcrest is situated just a few miles north of the downtown area of San Diego, and it is very easy to get to for anyone visiting the area. It is a lively uptown neighborhood which serves as the central hub of San Diego’s LGBTQ community, and it has a whole […]