San Diego residential property management covers a wide variety of dwellings which people might choose as their residence, ranging from apartments to houses, condos, and even multi-family structures which can accommodate several full-sized families in one building. Although this may sound like a lot of diversity, the underlying property management tasks are basically the same, and can be well managed by any really good San Diego residential property management company, for instance Sunset Property Management.

What’s involved in San Diego residential property management? 

As carried out by Sunset Property Management, the tasks involved with managing any of the dwellings referenced above basically include all those functions which are necessary to fill up occupancy in the dwellings with qualified candidates, to keep these occupants happy by satisfying daily needs for maintenance and repairs, and to also ensure that ownership is content with the way that the property is being administered and managed. That can get to be a lot of tasks and functions behind the scenes, but all are necessary to ensure that the property continues to run smoothly, and that all parties are satisfied.

Specific service areas 

Some of the specific services provided by Sunset Property Management come under the headings of Advertising and Leasing, Property Management, Accounting and Financial Reporting, Construction, Maintenance, and Repairs, and even Asset Management. Within these broad service categories, a whole slew of sub-functions and sub-tasks are necessary in order to keep any given property operating optimally, with minimum hassles for tenants and for the ownership group.

Asset Management 

Any construction which is necessary on the premises would be approved and supervised by Sunset Property Management, to ensure that it is carried out professionally. Alternatively, Sunset has contractors at its disposal who might carry out the construction themselves, if so approved and directed. All project expenses would be managed by Sunset and all property improvements must be approved by us, as representatives of ownership. Project cash flow and budgeting would be also managed by our team, so that we can ensure that the budget is adhered to, and that maximum value is obtained for any investment.

Accounting and Financial Reporting 

Ownership would have access to all financial data through the Owner’s Portal, and this would provide a glimpse into the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable systems, as well as all the leasing and owner’s files. We manage the common area budgeting and billing, the year-end rental income processing, and all tax reporting to the government. ACH deposits are put in place by the 20th of every month, so ownership can make its monthly withdrawal, and have confidence in the profitable status of the property.

Property Management 

San Diego residential property management depends on great communications between management, tenants, and ownership. Sunset Property Management goes out of its way to maintain these good communications, so that the property can be kept running smoothly with everyone satisfied. All the daily tasks necessary for repairs and maintenance, emergency responses, unit preparation for occupancy, enforcement of house rules, preparation of contracts and documents, lease renewals, and property assessments, are carried out as needed, so that everyone involved can go about their normal routines. At Sunset Property Management, we try every day to accomplish these tasks with the utmost in efficiency and professionalism, because our reputation as one of San Diego’s best requires it.

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