There are numerous properties all around the city of San Diego which require good management in order to provide suitable lodging for tenants, and reliable administration for the owners of those properties. These might be houses, apartments, condos, or multi-family dwellings, but all need proper management to provide value for all parties involved.

For those dwellings within about a 10-mile radius of San Diego proper, your best bet is to engage the services of Sunset Property Management. We have an outstanding record in property management, and consistently high reviews for the work we’ve done with many of this city’s properties. We like to think that in terms of San Diego rental property management, we are at the top of the heap, and we strive every day to maintain that position.

Sunset Property Management philosophy 

There’s a reason we limit our property management involvement to those dwellings within a 10-mile radius of the city. We believe that by limiting the number of properties we’re involved with, we can do a much better job on all those which do come under our direct supervision. We don’t really want to grow to become the biggest property management company in the country, or even the state – we prefer to remain at a size where we can still quickly react to tenant needs and owner queries. This also allows us to become true partners with owners, so we can proactively administer properties and make collaborative types of decisions regarding their properties.

When it comes to filling up dwellings with tenants, we also have a different approach than many other San Diego rental property management companies. We understand the importance to owners of filling buildings up with occupants, but we don’t just accept all tenants for the sake of achieving maximum occupancy. We insist on finding high-quality tenants to occupy buildings under our management, because those are the types of individuals who seek out high-quality buildings, and tend to be long-term residents.

Having quality tenants also reduces the number of problems and issues which arise from occupants of our buildings, which makes our job easier in managing the properties. It’s also a huge benefit to ownership, since better tenants will be more respectful of the property, and cause less damage. For this reason, we carefully screen all prospective tenants, so as to ensure that only quality individuals become residents of properties we manage.

Our Services 

Our approach to building maintenance goes beyond making sure that each one is in serviceable condition. Instead, we try to improve every structure which we manage, adding value to the property and making them even more livable for tenants. Whenever we are required to perform repairs or to engage in light construction, we insist on providing top-notch craftsmanship, which will leave the building in better shape than it was originally.

We are adept at handling plumbing, electrical, painting, landscape maintenance, haul aways, and even remodeling projects for kitchens, bathrooms, and elsewhere. This is one of the areas which really separates us from the competition – we don’t just fix the problem, we make the dwelling better than it started out to be. Not many property management companies can truthfully say that about their approach to building repairs and construction. And not many other companies can provide the outstanding services which are available from Sunset Property Management.

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