Residential Property Management Services

Who offers the best residential property management services in San Diego? We at Sunset Property Management like to think that we do, and we have some powerful support for this kind of confidence. We offer a very economical fee schedule, typically between 6% and 8% monthly, and we provide a whole catalog of services under the umbrella of our property management.

We handle all the normal daily tasks associated with property management, for instance, leasing, accounting, maintenance, and rent collections. We also supervise and perform maintenance repairs and construction tasks for tenants, always taking before and after photos to confirm that work was performed professionally, and to the satisfaction of ownership and tenants. We are a full-service residential property management company, and that’s something that cannot be claimed by every other company in the area around San Diego.

Service Guarantees 

We provide a number of service guarantees, by which we intend to convey to all potential clients that we stand by our performance and that we endeavor to provide the most value possible to all owners whom we contract with. Probably our single most impressive guarantee is that we will allow any owner to arbitrarily negate a contract with us with no penalties whatsoever, should they ever become dissatisfied with our property management performance. There are other performance guarantees which we offer as well, but just by this one Satisfaction Guarantee, you should be able to tell that we are a company with integrity, and we are very confident in our ability to provide the best in property management services.

Daily and Monthly Services 

Being a very hands-on property management company, Sunset Property Management is heavily involved with day-to-day operations on any residential property we become involved with. That means we provide constant communication between ourselves, ownership, and tenants via a system of online portals, and we carry out all the tasks which are expected of management. From the complete tenant cycle beginning, before a tenant even arrives, and continuing on until after they’ve departed, we are there providing valuable service to both occupants and owners.

We ensure that any openings in residential houses or condos are well publicized in local outlets so that high visibility is accomplished and rapid occupancy is achieved. We assist with the entire move-in process, ensuring that all potential tenants are thoroughly screened for employment, criminal background, and rental history so that only desirable candidates are selected for occupancy. All phone calls and other inquiries are handled by a live person, 7 days per week so that no potential candidate misses an opportunity.

Properties are always maintained in a ‘rent ready’ status so that when a possible occupant is identified, the condition of the unit does not prevent immediate occupancy. When tenants have moved in, we ensure that rules appropriate to the property are observed, and when they are not, we move to enforce them. On a monthly basis, we perform all Accounting functions, including the use of an Accounts Payable and an Accounts Receivable system which formalizes expenses and revenues. We ensure that all monthly expenses are paid out on behalf of ownership, and by the 20th of every month, we will have prepared an ACH direct deposit for owner withdrawals.

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