If you were to Google the title of this article, you would find at least a dozen fairly reliable and highly-rated property management companies in the San Diego area. You would also certainly find Sunset Property Management listed among the Top 10, and on some lists, in the Top 3 property management companies.

What separates the good residential property management companies in San Diego from the great ones, and from the so-so companies? If you read some of the online reviews associated with those other companies, you probably won’t run into as many glowing reviews as you will for Sunset. That hasn’t happened by accident; it’s what we have strived for ever since we got involved in the property management business.

Residential Property Management Companies San Diego 

Why choose Sunset over other property management companies? 

Probably most of the property management companies that you might choose are capable of doing at least a decent job – but will you be happy with them after six months or a year? Maybe and maybe not. Sunset Property Management is so confident in our ability to do a great job with managing your property for you, that we are willing to offer some very specific guarantees. 

SAMI Guarantee 

We guarantee that we will schedule a semi-annual maintenance inspection with each and every tenant occupying your property. This inspection will be conducted so that any existing issues can be identified, and so that preventive maintenance can be scheduled as needed. By keeping abreast of all conditions on property units, we are thus able to head off most issues before they can develop into full-blown problems which might require major repairs, and a costly investment on the part of ownership. 

Repairs Guarantee 

The owner of a building will always be notified when repairs are necessary to the dwelling which exceed a cost of $200. This will keep the owner well informed about any negative developments within the building, and will also help to maintain an open line of communication between management and ownership. There will be no surprises when major repairs become necessary, because these will already have been related to ownership, and will have been approved before any kind of work has begun.

Eviction Guarantee 

If it becomes necessary for us to engage in legal proceedings against any tenant which was placed by Sunset Property Management, we will take responsibility for the situation. When evictions are required in order to remove a problem tenant which Sunset brought in to the property, we will therefore pay up to $1,250 in court costs and attorney fees which are associated with the case. Recognizing that such proceedings can be a major drag on resources and on community morale, we will endeavor to expedite the process and conclude it as quickly as is reasonable.

Satisfaction Guarantee 

This is a guarantee which we don’t think you’ll find with many other property management companies in the San Diego area, or in any other area of this country. Our Satisfaction Guarantee states that if you reach the point where, as an owner, you are unhappy in any way with services we have provided, you can terminate your arrangement with us, with no objection being lodged by Sunset Property Management. There will be no fees, no penalties, and no delays involved – if we don’t perform up to your standards, we invite you to arbitrarily end your contract with us, no questions asked.

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