Sunset Property Management provides premium property management services for residential houses and condos, apartment buildings, and multi-family structures throughout the San Diego area. In addition, for those property owners who don’t really need property management, Sunset will aggressively market and lease whatever rental properties you may have, on your behalf. All of our services will insulate you from the day-to-day requirements of owning rental properties, so that all you have to do is make a monthly draw, to see just how profitable business has been each month.

Residential houses and condos rental property management San Diego

The first thing a property owner usually considers when searching for good property management is the schedule of charged fees. With Sunset Property Management, there are no hidden fees ever, and owners are not charged when properties are vacant. For all homes and condos, the monthly fee will be between 6% and 8%, with a minimum property management fee of $150 per month.

We handle the advertising and leasing for you, with your property being listed on as many as 20 rental websites. We do all the inspections and maintenance for you, and provide high-quality photos, as well as a digital photo tour of the property condition. All calls of inquiry are handled by a human attendant, seven days a week. We do criminal background checks, as well as employment and rental history verifications. When a tenant is approved for occupancy, we’ll also prepare the lease, and obtain the appropriate signatures. Prior to move-in, photos will be taken to confirm the condition of the property, so as to avoid later disputes.

When it comes to actual management of the property, we maintain a tenant hotline for all hours of the day, seven days a week. We conduct market rental surveys and negotiate terms of lease renewals with tenants. We prepare properties to make them ready for renting, and will monitor delinquency on the part of tenants. We will also enforce leasing or house rules, and monitor lease expirations so we can notify tenants.

We will collect monthly rents and provide monthly and annual financial statements to the owner. We will pay all monthly utilities, vendors, contractors, taxes and other normal expenses, and we also provide year-end rental income and 1099 reporting, as well as FTB tax reporting.

Apartment buildings and multi-family rental property management San Diego

For apartment buildings and multi-family dwellings, we provide practically all of the same services identified above for residential property management. Our monthly fee for apartment buildings with at least two units will be 5% to 6%, as well as a one-time placement fee of $450. We also have extensive experience is managing multi-family dwellings, and can provide the same high-quality property management services as with residential houses and condos. Unlike most apartment rental companies, Sunset Property Management prefers to create value and interest in properties by engaging in preventive maintenance, efficient operations, common area upkeep, and aggressive leasing policies.

When any kind of construction or repairs are needed on properties, we can provide the labor ourselves, or work with a third-party to accomplish it. We offer emergency response to electrical, plumbing, and flood issues, and we make a point of taking before and after photos of all repair work. We typically can provide 24-hour response time for all tenant inquiries and maintenance requests, and we can manage all the standard types of requests that we provide for tenants of condos and houses.

Whenever it’s necessary to do any kind of plumbing, electrical work, remodeling projects, re-keying of locks, flooring projects, landscaping maintenance, and drywall or painting projects, our team at Sunset Project Management is capable of doing an expert job, so as to leave your property in top-notch condition.

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