Rental management companies in San Diego have different approaches to property management. The Sunset Property Management approach has always been to limit the number of clients we work for, so we can provide maximum value to each of those which we do accept. That has served us well, in that it has allowed us to focus our resources on doing a great job for a smaller number of owners, rather than spreading ourselves so thin that we might end up providing little value to anyone.

We originally went into business with the aim of helping property owners to maintain and operate a high-quality property investment, which provides a good return to those owners. To accomplish that, we ensure that all properties under our management are safe, clean, energy-efficient, and retain a high level of curb appeal, so that any observer passing by would be glad to be living there. That requires a great deal of hands-on involvement on our part, particularly in the way of proactive maintenance, and of ensuring that all tenant requests are handled promptly and effectively.

Services provided by Sunset Property Management 

The services we provide fall into several different categories, each one of which we attempt to accomplish with a professional attitude and with skill that comes from 15 years of experience in the business. These general categories are Asset Management, Property Management, Accounting and Financial Services, Advertising and Leasing, and Construction, Maintenance, and Repairs. While there may be other rental management companies in San Diego which take on some of the same functions, there are not many which take these services as seriously as Sunset Property Management does.

Right from the time new tenants are welcomed to the dwellings we manage, we are heavily involved. In order to achieve a high occupancy rate, we advertise in all the local outlets, providing high-quality images and virtual tours of the property. Prospective tenants are then screened closely, so as to determine that they meet the requirements of occupancy, and that they will be good citizens of our community. We maintain high visibility on each of the properties we manage, so tenants can provide us with valuable feedback, and so we can quickly respond to any urgent requests.

We provide a tenant portal as well as an owner portal, so we can maintain good communications with both parties at all times. When maintenance or construction requests are made, we provide top-notch workmanship, ensuring that the property ends up in better condition than it was originally. We don’t just want to maintain properties – we want to add value to them constantly, so they become even more desirable to potential tenants. We collect all rents and monitor delinquency. If that becomes a major problem, we won’t hesitate to initiate legal proceedings, and if the tenant was brought in by Sunset, we will contribute up to $1,250 toward the court costs of eviction.

Benefits to ownership 

In addition to maintaining great communications with ownership via the portal and in-person conversations, we always strive to provide the greatest return to ownership. We do this by ensuring that only high-quality tenants are accepted as occupants, and by adding value to the properties themselves, whenever the opportunity presents itself.

We provide owners with monthly Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable reports, as well as a Cash Flow Analysis, so they can have a keen glimpse into business operations. At year’s end, we manage all tax reporting to the government, and give ownership an annual report of the property financial status. To both tenants and owners, we at Sunset Property Management hold ourselves accountable, and we are determined to provide the best possible property management service.

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