Property Management South Park

Property Management South Park

South Park is a residential area in San Diego which is situated east of Balboa Park, north of Golden Hill, and south of the North Park neighborhood. Anyone interested in moving to this area should consult with apartment rental companies in San Diego. The South Park community was not really developed much until 1905, when all the sidewalks, sewer lines, electricity, and other amenities were installed, then soon after an electric streetcar system was added as well.

In those early days of the 20th century, South Park was also home to some Class I streetcars which made transportation throughout the area very easy and efficient. In modern times, South Park is considered an historic urban community within San Diego proper, and it has been proposed as a registered historic district, although that is currently under consideration.

Visitors to the South Park area will instantly be able to distinguish it because of its tree-lined streets, its highly pedestrian business district, and its compact neighborhood blocks. Most of the dwellings in the area are single-family structures, with a few apartment buildings and bungalows included as well. The Spanish Colonial Revival style dominates the area, and some of these houses have been nominated for national landmark status.

Local Community Habits

There are a number of small businesses which have thrived in this community, especially since the 1990’s, and the year-round residents of this area have a tremendous diversity of age, income, and race. Most of the residents here prefer walking to riding or driving, which means you’ll always see a good deal of foot traffic on sidewalks throughout the community.

The main business district of the community runs along 30th St., and this area has been referred to as the ‘best craft beer boulevard’ in the entire country. You’ll also find a number of popular cafés and restaurants, taverns, grocery stores, yoga studios, art galleries, and even a dog wash here, which both locals and visitors make use of.

South Park is close to the famous Balboa Park and its well-known roller coaster, as well as Switzer Canyon in the northern section of the community, where residents enjoy taking a stroll in a beautiful natural setting. One of the most charming annual community events which is staged in South Park is the Old House Fair which is held at the intersection of Beech Street and 30th St.

Each year it is held on one of the Saturdays in the month of June, and it’s always a very well-attended event, popular among locals and tourists. Most of the vendors who attend this event are local businessmen who are interested in selling home furnishings, or other accessories and products which are needed by vintage homeowners to round out the decor of their dwellings.

There’s also plenty of live music from musical groups who perform throughout the fair on a stage which gets erected on beech Street. Some of the most popular restaurants in the South Park community include the Big Kitchen Café, Buona Forchetta, the Kindred Restaurant, and Marcello Pizza, which won an award for its gourmet pizza offerings.



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