There are a lot of tasks and activities which go into managing a property for an owner, and Sunset Property Management & Realty has had years to perfect each of these, to make them a matter of routine. We have become the most trusted property management professionals in the area for that reason, and we strive every day to maintain that reputation. When you want a management team that you can rely on to administer the day-to-day operations at your property, you should look no further than Sunset Property Management.

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Our team will handle all the daily tasks associated with running an apartment complex, or with condos and houses, so that you as an owner can devote your attention elsewhere, and have total confidence that everything is being managed expertly. Maintaining the premises will be a daily concern for us, including preventive maintenance which will stave off larger issues down the road. Rent collections and accounting services will also be carried out by our team on an as-needed basis, and all activities necessary for leasing to tenants will also be done.

If there is ever any kind of construction or remodeling necessary on the grounds, we will supervise all those actions so that your best interests are represented and safeguarded. We can also become involved in asset management, if that is a service which you require. Sunset personnel can become involved at the very beginning of the occupancy process, conducting advertising and leasing operations on your behalf. Tenants will be screened with background checks and income verification, so that only the most desirable tenants are admitted.

We can adopt a very aggressive rental policy, ensuring that the a huge number of eligible tenants are reached through advertising, so that vacancies are kept to a minimum. When occupants are found, we can do all the lease preparation and signing tasks so that you need not become involved. We provide both an owner’s portal and a tenant’s portal, so that excellent communications can be maintained at all times, and so there are no misunderstandings which can arise.

Everything we do on your behalf is with the purpose of maintaining your investment in its best condition, thereby maximizing your income stream. Whenever we manage any property for someone, we do everything possible to ensure that it’s kept safe and clean, and that it has a high level of curb appeal, so the whole neighborhood thinks positively about it. Our philosophy is to also make the property as energy-conscious and as resource-conscious as is practically possible, so that there is no waste, and so the property is managed in the most efficient manner.

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Serving a wide region of the area around greater San Diego, Sunset Property Management & Realty would like to be your first choice for property management. With us, you can count on staying well-informed, and that we will protect your investment as if it were our own. Contact us today to discuss any aspect of our services, or to obtain a quote for managing any property you own.

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