At Sunset Property Management & Realty, we consider ourselves the advocate on the premises for a property owner, and we do everything possible to protect your property, while also ensuring that your property is properly administered and kept running smoothly. We make sure to schedule semi-annual maintenance inspections (SAMI’s) with tenants, so you can be sure that the premises are not being degraded in any way, and that tenants are maintaining their dwelling in an appropriate manner.

When any repairs are necessary for the grounds, we will be sure to notify an owner if the cost of those repairs exceeds $200, so you’re not kept in the dark about major actions. We maintain strong two-way communications with owners, so that you’re always aware of anything significant which is occurring at a property, and so you never have to find out about it from someone else. If it ever becomes necessary to proceed with an eviction of a tenant which we placed in your property, we will contribute $1,250 toward court costs and lawyer fees, because we feel responsible for having placed the tenant there originally.

We are also so confident in our ability to provide top-notch management for your property, that we make it extremely easy for you to nullify your contract with us, should you ever have a reason for doing so. If you are not satisfied for any reason at all with our services, you can rescind your Property Management Agreement with us immediately, with no fees, penalties, or delays. We don’t anticipate that ever happening, but if some strange circumstances occur and you feel justified in doing so, the option to rescind is available to you at any time during our agreement period.

Services we offer 

For apartment buildings and multi-family dwellings, we charge between 5% and 6%, in addition to a one-time tenant placement fee of $450. For this fee, we will do everything possible to create value for your property by maintaining it in an attractive state, performing preventive maintenance on a routine basis, implementing an aggressive leasing policy, and by establishing an operational scheme that is based on efficiency.

Houses and condos are managed at a rate of between 6% and 8%, with the same one-time tenant placement fee of $450. If the property is vacant for lease renewals, there will be no monthly fee assessed on those particular houses or condos. We also provide a leasing-only service in which we market and lease properties on your behalf. We are one of the few property management companies in San Diego which provide this kind of service, so by all means think of us when you have need of a leasing-only type of service.

Contact us about property management San Diego 

If you’re interested in learning more about our property management San Diego services, please contact us at Sunset Property Management & Realty. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services, or to provide you with a quote for managing your property. We service a broad range of the region around San Diego and all parts north, as far as University City, so your San Diego property is probably included in our service area.

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