Property Management Hillcrest San Diego

Property Management Hillcrest

Looking for the best property management Hillcrest has to offer? Just north of downtown San Diego, you’ll find the charming community of Hillcrest 92103.

Located In The Heart Of The City Itself

Hillcrest is situated directly in the heart of the city itself, and which has a number of property management hillcrest agencies which can help you find the ideal place to reside for any length of time.

Center of LGBTQ+ Community 

Furthermore, Hillcrest is not only widely known as the center of San Diego’s LGBTQ+ community, but it’s also well known for the ease of pedestrian traffic on its well-traveled streets. Residential apartments in San Diego are always available for newcomers.

Explore Hillcrest’s International Dining Scene

Hillcrest is also a center for the international dining scene, with a number of different cultures finding their favorite foods available here.

La Vecinidad Neighborhood Tacos, the Hong Kong Restaurant,

You may want to enjoy the La Vecinidad Neighborhood Tacos, the Hong Kong Restaurant, or the locally popular Inside-out Restaurant, with many eateries being open as late as 3 a.m. to serve the hungry population.

Embracing Local Produce and Culinary Adventures

Additionally, there is a terrific mix of restaurants, coffee houses, boutiques, nightclubs, bars, and unique shops which all find favor

Property Management Hillcrestwith local residents and with the many visitors from outside the area. If you happen to enjoy cooking yourself, you’ll find everything you need at the local Farmers Market, where all your produce and fresh ingredients can be obtained from local vendors at reasonable prices.

The Charm of Locally Owned Businesses in Hillcrest

Additionally, you may also want to take in the Classic Car Show which is held every month on the third Saturday. Hillcrest is one of the better-known suburbs in San Diego.

Located South of Mission Valley and Slightly Northwest of Balboa Park

being situated south of Mission Valley and slightly northwest of Balboa Park. It is well known as a center for tolerance and acceptance, having a tremendous gender diversity, and being the home to a great number of locally owned businesses.

Hillcrest from the street view

Additionally, compared to some other San Diego neighborhoods, Hillcrest has a high population density which gives it the feel of an urban setting. Even though it’s actually situated outside the city proper, in the heart of the suburbs. Moreover, many of the streets in Hillcrest are lined with trees, providing a picturesque and shady environment to escape the hottest temperatures of summer.

Attending the Monthly Classic Car Show in Hillcrest

There are all kinds of different buildings located in the community, including Craftsman homes as well as modern condominiums of recent construction. Hillcrest is one component of the Uptown Community Planning Area, which is an organization that manages several aspects of community activities in University Heights, Bankers Hill, Park West, and Mission Hills.

Top Medical Facilities in San Diego

Residents can access medical care at Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego or UC San Diego Health Medical Offices. Balboa Nursing and Rehab Center offers physical therapy, aiding residents in regaining optimal movement ability.

Explore Marston House Museum Gardens in southern Hillcrest

Visitors to the area like exploring the natural wonders at Marston House Museum and Gardens in southern Hillcrest. Quickly reach Hillcrest and surrounding areas via Cabrillo Freeway, which runs north-south through the eastern part of Hillcrest.

San Diego Healthcare Guide

Sunset Property Management & Realty exists to help Hillcrest property owners operate and maintain a quality investment that maximizes income stream. We only provide property management for houses in Central San Diego CA. Here are some of the guarantees we offer as part of our property management for rentals:

EVICTION PROTECTION – If you are faced with an eviction of a tenant placed by Sunset Property Management & Realty, we will contribute a total of $1,250.00 towards attorney fees plus court costs.
LEASE RENEWALS –  60 days or more prior to the expiration of your tenant’s lease, Hillcrest property management clients will receive a notification asking if you would like to extend the lease, increase rent or request that the tenant(s) to vacate.

ANNUAL MAINTENANCE REPORT – We will schedule Annual Maintenance Inspections (AMI) with the tenants. We do this in order to perform a preventative maintenance inspection for your property. All lease violations and many other observable concerns identified will be reported to the rental property owner.

Full service property management San Diego style

Since our inception, we have been offering full service property management San Diego style. Additionally, we strive to provide exceptional customer service to all of our clients. Moreover, we continuously adapt to the ever-changing real estate market to ensure the best results for our clients. Overall, our commitment to excellence sets us apart in the industry.

 This means that we are a full transparency company and we pride ourselves on:

  • Excellent communication
  • Free lease renewals
  • Annual property condition inspections for tenant occupies properties
  • Tenant emergency hotline all hours, 7 days a week.


How does Sunset determine the rental amount to be charged?

San Diego Property Managers analyze market rent by checking various rental rates and details from brokers and online sources.

Sunset Property Mgmt. & Realty San Diego values contact volume for insights from prospective renters who provide valuable information on inventory and pricing. If the unit is priced correctly, you should receive 1.5-2 contacts per day in the high seasons, April – Mid October. During the off-season (October – March), landlords may need to adjust rates, possibly offering discounts or move-in deals.

Can I Pick My Own Tenant?

We’ll process the rental application with checks for credit, background, and funds to verify eligibility. We will also complete an employment and rental history check. Once an application passes our qualifications we will reach out to the Owner for final approval. All applicants can be screened by a licensed Agent certified in California Fair Housing Laws. Ultimately in California, if the applicant(s) pass the rental requirements they must be accepted as a Tenant by the Landlord.



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